Protect Your Car! Lower Your Costs.

We all know that,

automotive insurance companies want to protect their money as much as you do, so if you show that you are willing to go out of your way to keep your car safe, it is more than likely that they will give you cheaper insurance cover, so I’ve listed 10 ways of keeping your car safe.
1.  Never leave your keys in the car when paying for fuel. This may seem obvious but people who not only leave the keys in the car but also leave it running as well continually shock me.
2.  Keep your car door locked at all times. This is really a continuation of point # 1
3.  If you have a garage, use it. So many of my friends leave the car outside because they are too lazy to open the door to put it in,
4.  Don’t leave your wallet, phone or other valuable in plain site. Come on guys do this and your asking for trouble.
5.  Install an anti theft unit. This is a must and will deter many situations where your car can be taken
6.  At night, make sure your car is parked in a well lit area. Sometimes its better to walk a little further if it means your car is in a safer environment.
7.  Have your all your car windows etched with your VIN (Vehicle   Identification No) for security. Many thieves bypass these cars because its too much work (lets face it their a lazy lot) to have them replaced.
8.  When you park, close the windows—including the sunroof. This makes access a lot more difficult.
9.  Don’t try to hide your spare key on the car! These guys know where to look.
    10. Don’t leave anything with your name and address in the car. You would simply be tempting a house breakin.

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