When The Colour Of The Rose Ain’t Enough!

How fussy can you be when you
Send roses? Apparently if your name is Elton John you can be very fussy. It has been said that Sir Elton just doesn’t like greenery on his flower arrangements, so the poor florists has to cut off all the leaves and hide the stalks before delivering any floral arrangements to the pop star.

Now you would think that this would be enough to keep him happy. Nope, on this occasion the flowers had to be delivered and displayed in 8-inch vases and shouldn’t include carnations, chrysanthemums, daisies, or lilies because these are not to his taste. Of course what florist could refuse his request when he has been know to spend as much as ten thousand pounds a month on flowers.

I’m going to produce my own hybrid flowers, which will have stalks, and leaves that match the colour of the petals. One wonders however how much demand they will produce, but at least I will have one customer.

Then again it will probably just be easier to visit http://www.beyondblossoms.com/ and let them look after my every need.

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