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There is a brand new technique that has just been developed that will increase your blogs Google Ranking. It’s all to do with link exchange and it is done in the following manner. The way it works is you have one post where you post the links of other interesting bloggers pointing to their blog, They will reciprocate using the exact method on their blog. Every time you need to add a new link you just edit the original post. This will get picked up by Google and Technorati resulting in higher ranking blogs.

I recommend a that we do not include more than 10 links per post. Once you have reached 10 links just start a new post.

My first link will point to Inquest’s Blog.

Inquest This blog belongs to a beautiful person with a warm heart, whose poetry can both inspire you and make you laugh. Lots of great content to be found here.
Now all we need do is add links with a brief description, it is so simple really. Leave a comment if you’re interested.


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