Kontera Adds Adsense To Your Website/Blog etc.

I assume that everyone at writingup originally joined so as to increase our income through the use of Google Adsense. I also assume that for many this has not been the case or it has been a very slow process. Google adsense is well known for being able to generate income but is it the only way?Two days ago I was fortunate enough in that someone who was surfing the internet found my homepage and upon exploring emailed me with an amazing offer. He was the business manager of this amazing company . This is part of the email

“I’m interested in speaking with the person in charge of advertising partnerships for the elusive pot of gold. We would like to pay you on behalf of our advertisers to place in-text advertising, via our ContentLink ad unit to work along side your existing advertiser base on your site.

As I’m sure you get multiple requests to place advertising on your sites each week, I want to make it clear that our ContentLinks work in conjunction and are non-competing with the ads that are already running within your site. Implementing our technology is as simple as placing one piece of JavaScript into the closing body of your HTML page and our technology does the rest. It matches the advertiser’s keywords to the text of your pages and provides your users with the easiest way possible to get more information about what it is they are reading about. We have been chosen to be the premiere distributor of Yahoo Content Search and we are working with some of the biggest advertisers online. Due to the effectiveness of our technology and the ads, advertisers are paying north of $.25 CPC and the ads are seeing around a 1%-3% CTR. Essentially, for every 1,000,000 page views our publishers are providing, they are seeing significant incremental ad revenue that was once not available to them. We pay a 60% revenue share off of the revenue generated, net 30. We’ve seen a tremendous amount of success with other publishers, and due to that success I need to find more placements for our advertisers and your site would be a great fit.”

Needless to say I joined, my application was approved by Yahoo within 24 hours and the code (java script) was sent to me. I have installed it into most of my pages, the rest I will do later. You can see it in action in the following links.

My Home Page

The Pot Of Gold Forum

BlogCharm Yes it even works on Blogcharm

I urge everyone to join Kontera is totally free and hope that you will also be accepted by Yahoo which is the next biggest search engine.

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