What I Think Of Anatrim Pills

I base this not on the fact that I have ever used Anatrim, though I could certainly afford to lose a couple of kilos, but on the fact that I am getting sick and tired of all the spam email I have been receiving promoting what appears to be crap. I reckon if it was really any good it certainly wouldn’t need spam to promote it. Sure they may get one or two suckers to throw their money away and buy the crappy Anatrim pills but I’m sure they will turn more potential customers away.

Anyway I did a bit of research and found that my theory about spam promoting crap appears to be correct. ConsumerHealthDigest has actually posted a warning about these so called diet pills. As it turns out it is all hype and a lot of the bull they have been sprouting including that it endorsed by TV organizations such as Oprah, ABC, CNN and 60 minutes was just that BULL!

So if you get this email, take my advice DELETE it!

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