Aussie On A Desert Island.

A Aussie is marooned on a desert island. He is able to survive because there are heaps of coconuts and fresh water. A long time goes by when he finally sees a ripple about a hundred yards off shore. It keeps getting closer and closer until, at last, a tall blonde in full diving gear appears. After a bit of a chat she says;

“You poor man”, she says. “How long have you been here?”

He replies that he’s lost all track of time and doesn’t know. What he knows is that he’s dying for a fag.

“No worries”, she says, unzipping a pocket on the arm of her wetsuit and pulling out a packet of Winnies and a lighter.

Puffing happily, the bloke says he’s in seventh heaven and she asks him if he’d like a beer.

“Would I!” So she unzips the other pocket and pulls out a can of VB.

With a fag in one hand and a beer in the other, the bloke reckons he’s got it made. Then the blonde starts to unzip the front of her wetsuit.

“Having been here all this time,” she says, “I guess you’d like to play around.”

And the bloke says, “How on earth did you fit a set of golf clubs down there?”

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