Why Link Spammers Target Your Blogs

Have you ever wondered why link spammers exist and why they continue to target your blogs? Do they have any remorse for their actions or anger against those who try to impede their actions? How do they feel about Google and how does Google’s continuing changing of its algorithms affect they way they work?

It is quite possible that you will find the answers to these and other questions in this interview with a link spammer!

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  1. Christine

    Oh yes, those wonderful spammers. I have most of my blogs set up where you have to have your first comment approved before you can comment without problems. This way, I can keep most of the spamming down.

    I did this due to the fact that I had a spammer leave a comment on one of my blogs where he was advertising, in very graphic detail, his line of, um, marital aids. He didn’t leave anything to the imagination, and used some very vulgar language. That’s when I lost it.

    I posted an interesting little post about my thoughts on leaving those types of comments, and changed my comment options. I hated doing it, but felt I had no choice.

    I think, though, my favorite one of all time was when someone left a comment on one of my Sunday Seeds posts, stating “I can’t say I completely agree with you on this topic, but I did enjoy the article”. My Sunday Seeds are writing prompts. Proof that the commentor didn’t even read the article, much less had a chance to agree with it.

    Ok, honey, I’m done. Gee, you’d think this was a touchy subject with me or something. LOLOLOL

  2. Sire

    “I can’t say I completely agree with you on this topic, but I did enjoy the article”.

    I get this one a lot. Looks like that guy doesn’t agree with much. I also get one that says, “I don’t really understand this but…” so that one must be really dumb.

    Say about the guy with the marital aids, you didn’t get his number before you booted him off did you? 🙁

  3. Christine


    No, I was to busy trying to get his comment trashed before my kids decided to read it. LOL

  4. Sire

    Too bad….I reckon I’ll have to rely on the old methods then. 👿

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