The Catholic Priest And The Protestant Minister

There was this Catholic priest and Protestant minister in Ireland who for one reason or another didn’t spend all that much time together. They basically only saw each other on Mondays when they passed each other while exercising on their bikes. One Monday morning as the priest was cycling he sees the minister walking. He stops and ask the minister where his bike was.

“Well you see father,” he replies, “I hate to say it, but I think one of my parishioners has sinned against God and stole my bike.”

“Yeah, I know just how you feel. Once I had one of my flock steal a  bottle of wine from the church. That Sunday I gave a fire and brimstone sermon that scared the socks off of them about how “Thou shalt not steal.” The next day the wine was on my doorstep with a ‘forgive me Father’ note. I reckon you should try the same approach”

“Thank you Father, I will give that a go.”

The next Monday the priest  sees the minister on the bike and they stop next to each other.

“Well,” says the priest, “looks like that sermon must of worked?”

“Well Father it didn’t quite happen the way you expected. You see, I was preparing my sermon and I was going to hit them with the full 10 commandments and when I got to the  part about, ‘thou shalt not commit adultery’ I remembered I left  the bike at Mrs. Muldoon’s house.

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