The Rabbi Gets Interrupted In The Synagogue

A Rabbi who was trying to conduct prayers at a synagogue was continually being interrupted by an argument at the back of the synagogue and it went something like this.

“I’m telling you Abe, black is definitely a color”

“No way Jacob, black is not a color!”

The rabbi then interrupts and says, “Excuse me you two, can’t you see I am conducting prayers here?”

 “Sorry Rabbi,” says Abe, ” but it is really important that we resolve this. You are a man of vast knowledge, can you tell us if black is a color?”

“Well, I can’t quote the exact scripture but I am sure that as Jews we believe black to be a color, now can I get back to the prayers?”

A moment later his prayers are interrupted as another argument ensues.

“White is so a color!”

“Absolutely not, white is not a color!”

An exasperated Rabbi steps in and tells them off. “Jacob, Abe, what the hell are you doing? Once again you have interrupted our prayers in the Synagogue.”

“We are really sorry Rabbi, but please can you tell us if white is a color?

The Rabbi raises his eyes to the sky and says a little loudly, “Yes white is a color, now will you two please shut up and let me continue with the prayers!”

As he walks back to the front of the synagogue he hears Jacob say to Abe, “There, you see Abe, I did sell you a color TV!”

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