Abstinence The Best Form Of Safe Sex

Most of you will probably think that I am old fashioned, but I have always felt that the only form of safe sex is abstinence. let’s face it, if you don’t do it you can’t catch it. The problem today is that so many people have resorted to the argument, “they’re going to do it anyway so they may as well do it safely”, which is really a crock of bull because there is every chance that they may not have done it but figured what the hell “I am being safe”.

The other day my wife heard of a father who had put his 15 year old daughter on the pill, not because she was sexually active but because she had a boyfriend and it was better to play it safe. Unfortunately the pill won’t protect her from sexually transmitted disease. The real problem lies is that this poor girl may believe that by putting her on the pill her father has given her his approval to have sex.

For those of you who think that it isn’t that big a deal you may well change your mind after viewing this video.

Now it is pretty alarming when you hear that 1 in 4 teenage girls are infected with an STD (sexually transmitted disease) and that the most common infection is HPV (human papilloma virus) can cause cervical cancer! That’s right cancer! So by allowing them to have consensual sex you are basically giving them a loaded gun.

I don’t care what anyone one says, abstinence is the only method I will use in regards to my daughter. I will make sure she knows of condoms and such but I will also make sure she knows how much I disapprove of premarital sex.

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  1. Michael Ejercito

    How safe is post-menopausal sex?

    Women who are post-menopausal can not get pregnant, you know.

  2. BS Artist

    But they are still prone to STD’s and I am more concerned about young teens getting exposed to disease as well as emotional trauma due to having sex when they are not really ready for it.

    1. Michael Ejercito

      Emotional trauma is a risk for any choice involving sex- including not having sex.

      1. BS Artist

        Yes but the trauma for having it as well as unexpected complications far out ways the trauma for not having it.

        1. Michael Ejercito

          The level of trauma depends on age.

          Certainly, an unplanned pregnancy is much more traumatic at age fifteen than at age twenty-five.

          And of course, pregnancy is almost impossible at fifty-five.

          What about STD’s? Certainly STD’s would be very traumatic to a teenager with a life expectancy of decades.

          But an octogenerian is not likely to have a long life expectancy in any case.

          Now let us examine the other side, which is virginity.

          Virginity is not disturbing at thirteen, since almost everyone that age is a virgin.

          But what about age thirty? Imagine someone knowing that everyone else that he knows, including his own family, has had sex and he had not. How would he feel? What would be the only rational way for him to feel? And what would his peers think of it? Note again that the value of the opinions of one’s peers increase with age. At fifteen, one’s peers are dumbass kids. At thirty, one’s peers would include people who are married and have kids and can support themselves.

          From these facts, it is rational to concloude that the value of abstinence decreases with age, and can even become negative in some cases.

          1. BS Artist

            All true and valid comments, but we are looking at the young teens situation.

            Still, the stigma of virginity is also different depending on your religion and at how important it may be to the individual person. Of course this would bring morality into it which is a whole different issue. Also, as you get older the issue would lead more to safe sex and not whether or not you are doing it.

          2. BS Artist

            And so if the crowd all jumped off a cliff would you jump in after them, and maybe snatch some pussy on the way :jittery_tb:

          3. Michael Ejercito

            All of us are heading down the cliff ever since we were conceived. Some of us just hit bottom before others.

            What matters is what we do on the way down.

  3. Christine Senter

    WTG Sire.

    I whole heartily agree. I also have a teenaged daughter, and with the way magazines and such portray sexuality, most girls think it’s “cool”. I like the way my grandmother used to tell it. She said the best form of birth control was Bayer Asprin. How? Well, you put the pill on one leg, and hold it down with the other. As long as your legs are closed, the pill won’t fall, and you won’t get pregnant.

    Great post, hon

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    1. Michael Ejercito

      Did you grandmother ever survive to menopause.

      It is a fact that menopause is an absolutely effective method of birth control, even more so than abstinence and lesbianism.

  4. BS Artist

    Now all we need do is to get that accepted into todays curriculum. :idea_wp:

    Christine, I see that you have finally found my new blog. :clap_tb: I must apologize for the vulgarity of it’s title, but then I just couldn’t help myself. :devil_tb:

  5. Christine Senter

    Guess I’m a little weird, but I don’t see the title as being vulgar. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of bullshit going on in the world today. I’m just glad to know that someone out there finally decided show it off.

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    1. BS Artist

      I didn’t think you would and the name does punctuate the the blogs whole meaning. Still it was ‘vulgar’ enough to allow PPP to reject the blog. I think I feel a post coming on :doh_tb:

  6. ManoDogs

    Ha! I scooped you on this one, my Aussie friend!

    I would love to learn more about morés Down Under, because I am constantly saying, “I am 33 and I don’t have any illegitimate kids and have never had an STD (knock wood), so I don’t have any sympathy for those who do.” Over here (America), I am actually considered the “bad guy” for pointing this out!

    While I agree that no one like a judgmental prig up on his high-horse, I’m sick and tired of being told that I have to “respect” others’ bad decisions! If you make a decision or lifestyle choice I disagree with, I can respect that – but if you make a plain-old piss-poor decision that “ruins” your life, I am certainly not going to find any compassion for you when you put it in my face and tell me I have to!

    Like you mention, these things are not things that “can happen to anyone” because you are not going to get someone pregnant or end up infected if you don’t go around knocking boots! And America wants to make those of us who have made the right decision out to be judgmental do-gooders in order to spare these skanks’ “feelings.”

    1. BS Artist

      Manodogs old son, I congratulate you on the use of ‘morés’, I had to look that one up as I thought you simply misspelled the little sucker and yes you did beat me on this one 😉 I reckon our customs are much like yours and perhaps we have to take the hard line to nip this problem in the bud.

      For too long we have been pussy footing along so as not to offend anybody and to please those who think it is all too hard to police. Perhaps if everyone actually frowned on sex for young teens being acceptable and having it pushed down their gullets via the media they could actually stem the rising tide of this problem.

      As always, thanks for taking the time to comment.

      1. Christine Senter

        I have a young teenaged daughter, and I try very hard to make her understand that it’s NOT ok to have sex. We’ve had many discussions about it, and I think that’s the one thing that parents forget to do. If you don’t sit down and talk to your kids about these issues, somebody else will.

        Then again, I’ve never been the kind of mom who minced my words. I tell my kids the way it is, in plain English. I don’t try to find “nicey-nice” ways of putting things. I just come right out and say it.

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        1. BS Artist

          That’s the way Christine. I think that a lot of kids, if they really know how a parent feels about a certain matter, they will try to follow the correct path.

          After all, what a lot of kids are missing these days are correct guidelines.

    2. Michael Ejercito

      What was your method of avoiding STD’s and having illegitimate kids?

  7. BS Artist

    Yes I did, it’s my blog I can say what I want. :lol_tb: Anyway it’s a well known fact that ‘pussy’ does get a whole lot of people in trouble.

  8. ManoDogs


    But again, those of us who were smart and/or cautious enough to have so far not allowed it to do so (to any great extent, of course) shouldn’t be demonized for pointing-out that we have made it this far without any serious setbacks.

    And those who have allowed pussy to get them into trouble should go ahead and “take the hit” – after all, they got laid, right? And for most of those kind of people, that’s really all that matters.

    1. Michael Ejercito

      I can understand the rationale of avoiding sexual activity during the teenaged years.

      But why avoid it during adulthood? Why deal with the ridicule and derision that would inevitably come with being an adult virgin? Why deal with being labeled as a freak, a weirdo, a loser, and (if a man), less of a man than other men?

      If you doubt that there are people who would deride adults who failed to get laid, I direct you to this Usenet thread .

      Here are some quotes from the thread:

      “People like sex, Blowhard. It’s what they are designed for. Learn to
      deal with that fact of life. “- sexkitten

      When are you going to grow out of puberty? “- Johnny

      And the most telling quote:

      “Abstinence is for ugly people. “- panamfloyd@hotmail.com

      1. BS Artist

        As far as a real man is concerned, why would he give a shit what anyone else thought of his virginity. It definitely does not make you a man just because you have had sex. Those who actually abuse women for their own gratification are actually less than men.

        As for those quotes….sticks and stones…. A man would laugh them off.

        1. Michael Ejercito

          Real men are considerate of other people’s thoughts and feelings.

          And these men who abuse women for their own gratificiation, they give a shit about what other people think of them, right?

          1. BS Artist

            Exactly my point David.

  9. BS Artist

    Do I sense a chip on the shoulder mate? Who is demonizing you? If it is just a part of society that has no control over what you should or shouldn’t do, then why should you care?

    1. ManoDogs

      The general outlook in America is that those of us who are more conservative (apparently, it comes with a capital “C”) about sex or drinking or taking drugs – or basically anything else that would largely be considered irresponsible behavior in most other cultures – are prigs.

      I’ll get into it one day soon on one of the blogs – or all of them – but I didn’t mean that you were demonizing me. That’s why I asked about the standards where you live – so I knew exactly how much of my mind I should speak!

      Society absolutely has some control over what I do or do not do here! It also has a lot of control over what I can and cannot say, as well as who hears it. And if I cross that line, they will absolutely throw me in jail and throw away the key.

      That’s just how things are done.

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      1. BS Artist

        Society always has a modicum of control no matter where you live. I think most Aussies are pretty much the same as you Yanks. Personally I try to live my life in such a fashion as not to inadvertently affect others in a negative way.

        1. Christine Senter

          M.O.D. is right, here in the states, it’s almost a crime to actually speak your mind. Those of us who have a conservative frame of mind are looked down upon. But that’s ok, M.O.D., there are still some of us out here that believe that in the term “Just Say No”. (Miss ya babe, Saphy)

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          1. BS Artist

            I thought that in the States free speech ran supreme.

          2. Christine Senter

            It does, as long as you agree with everyone else and don’t say anything that might upset the majority, and your words are all politically correct. :devil_tb:

            Christine Senter’s last blog post..Hold an online garage sale cheap

          3. BS Artist

            Now, that is what I call bullshit :wallbash_tb:

          4. ManoDogs

            Exactly and exactly my point!

            It isn’t just a part of American society that acts this way, either. It’s all across the news, on talk shows, etc.

            I’ve had my fair share of sex (well, I have had sex) and hope to have a whole lot more before I die, but I was responsible and cautious enough that I don’t have any illegitimate children and I don’t have any STDs. I took my chances a few times and got incredibly lucky, but I can still say that I got this far and don’t have these problems.

            But when I do, Americans are quick to point-out how it isn’t these girls’ “fault” and harp on whatever other mistakes I have made or problems I have, instead of saying, “Yes, these dummies are skanks.”

            ManoDogs’s last blog post..Today

          5. BS Artist

            Hell buddy, it takes two to tango.

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