Well Blog Me Now Using WordPress 2.5

I’ve just updated this blog to the latest wordpress version 2.5 which is pretty amazing as it has only been released a couple of days ago. I must admit I am pretty impressed with some of the changes, although it may take just a teensy little while to get used to the new dashboard, but only because of the new outlay. All in all I am very happy with it, as long as it doesn’t develop any bugs later on that is. 😉

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  1. ManoDogs

    I can’t upgrade my WP because it is part of the “extras” my host provides. That’s one of the reasons all the others are run through Blogger.

    Do you really prefer WP, Sire? I like it, but it’s like learning an entirely new language and I don’t appreciate that at all. Every change you make, no matter how minor, requires you edit at least 5 different files and plugins rarely work without a few days’ worth of tinkering…

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  2. Sire

    I love it and haven’t had any problems. I only use plugins that require no or very little ‘tinkering’. I’m not sure about the ‘changes’ mentioned in your comment as I haven’t had to edit any files at all with this upgrade or even the last few.

    My host also provides wordpress, but I have alwaus installed my own so that I would have complete control.

  3. peter petterson

    Yea, we are nervous in general about using open source blogging software (WP). But plenty of commercial software has problems as well!

  4. Sire

    Not me mate, I love it and am not nervous at all.

  5. Jan

    I’m a blogger user but I really appreciate WP for its flexibility and it doesn’t seems that it is a blog platform.


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