Is SocialSpark Being Too Selective?

SocialSpark is a new avenue that gives bloggers the opportunity to monetize their blogs and advertisers the means to advertise their services or products via the multitude of blogs that encompasses the Internet. Naturally when I was invited I submitted all of my personally hosted blogs. Somewhat to my surprise three of the blogs received the following response.

We were unable to approve your blog

Thanks for your blog submission!

Blogs must primarily contain posts that are original, and non-sponsored. This also means that blogs must not be maintained primarily for monetary purposes in order to be included into our Marketplace. This blog seems to have content that is primarily sponsored.

Though this is the case, worry not, as our Advertisers may still add you to their Street Teams, or contact you directly about other opportunities.

Once your blog meets all of our Terms of Service, please feel free to resubmit, and I shall review it again.
If you have any questions please contact us at any time.
Please fix the following issues and resubmit your blog here:

* Your blog appears to exist solely for payment, or to post referral links.

What I find strange is that the majority of so called ‘sponsored posts’ that exist on those blogs are PPP posts which is directly affiliated with SocialSpark. So, it was OK for them to bastardize my blogs by accepting paid tasks from them, which by the way consequently caused the great Google gods to cut my blogs from PR4 to PR0, but by doing so said blogs are no longer considered good enough. A tad hypocritical wouldn’t you say?

My only solution is to no longer accept paid posts on those blog, thereby cutting my earning capacity, until such a time that it is acceptable to SocialSpark. the only problem is that once accepted it will revert back to the original blogs that they rejected in the first place. A bit of an conundrum, wouldn’t you say?

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  1. Heidi

    I got the same message from Social Spark also, and to think I really don’t have that many sponsored posts in my blog… I really don’t know where they got the idea that most of my posts are sponsored but anyway, I could care less… of course I’m sad that I wouldn’t earn from them but I blog what I like and that’s enough for me.

    Heidi’s last blog post..Girls’ Night Out

  2. BS Artist

    I’m with you Heidi. I understand their intentions, but the problem is that once members join and start doing paid posts, their blogs turn into the same blogs that they are currently rejecting.

  3. Dan...

    @all: if the extent of your sponsorships is as you mention (e.g. just PPP), I’d suggest resubmitting and/or opening a ticket with explanation. SocialSpark added reviewers as part of the launch and I bet some are still coming up to speed…

    Dan…’s last blog post..SocialSpark Launches: Do You Smell What the Spark is Cooking?

  4. BS Artist

    Hey Dan, yes I could do that mate, or I could just wait until they see this post and get their reaction. I say this because I have submitted this blog for SocialSpark and I reckon they will see this post before any ticket that I submit.

  5. ManoDogs

    I got the very same message, Sire. I wrote them a fairly long and very critical response in the ticket submit place.

    I’m getting fed-up with these sponsored post networks, anyway; what started out as a great thing – being able to make $5-10 for a 50-word post that basically said, “Check this site out if you need snow tires” or whatever – has turned into organized spamming for peanuts. Now they want you to write 2,000-word dissertations, including 3-10 links to their casino, credit card, and sex aids site for the same amount of money!

    And 90% of the new blogs they allow in now are nothing but splogs! They are specifically created to take advantage of these sponsored networks and have nothing but one sponsored post after the next!

    I hate to admit it, but if Google had decided to knock PR from blogs today, I would completely understand it! Still, I think what happened is that Google forced their hand and it led to this. Still, these networks need to clean their act up.

    ManoDogs’s last blog post..X-Files: I Want to Believe

    1. BS Artist

      Bloody hell Manodogs, you must be blogging for the wrong people mate

      Now they want you to write 2,000-word dissertations,

      . You are of course pulling my leg and are exaggerating like hell with those figure>

      1. ManoDogs

        Only just barely! Recently, I received an offer that wanted me to link to the homepage “and four or five interior pages” in a 200-word “positive review” (which doesn’t even make sense) for $7.50!

        Another “opportunity” was for 400 words, with 3 links (plus, they’ll give you a higher rating if you add another of your choice and complete it within 2-3 days), along with a video and image for $5.00!!!


        ManoDogs’s last blog post..Norton, Director in No Fight Over Hulk’s Direction

        1. BS Artist

          What paid to blog site is offering those unrealistic tasks? I would even consider taking them.

  6. Dan...

    ahhh…the old hit ’em with a post instead of a ticket trick. Hopefully you’ll get some answers one way or another.

    One aspect of SocialSpark I like, is that getting approved for sponsored posts is just a piece of what the platform offers. Just as MyBlogLog and Compete don’t ‘approve’ your blog for sponsored posts, but still provide value to bloggers for social networking and analytics. SocialSpark’s social networking and analytics provide value to any blogger, whether sponsored blogging is involved or not.

    Dan…’s last blog post..SocialSpark Launches: Do You Smell What the Spark is Cooking?

    1. BS Artist

      Well it looks like it didn’t work because they have just accepted this blog but didn’t leave a reply to the post. Not that I really care as I am making enough with those other blogs via the other Paid To Blog Sites.

  7. Jude

    I agree with Danura that maybe they have new reviewers that aren’t up to par yet. Of course people are trying to make money and I have seen so many blogs in their system already that look like that is the sole purpose for having a blog.

    I find the response to your blog submissions ludicrous.

  8. BS Artist

    No biggy, there are plenty of other fish in the blogosphere.

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