My Forbidden Fruit

I took this picture one morning just after it had rained and I was so pleased with the way it turned out I just had share it with my readers. The fruit itself is edible although I don’t make a habit of eating them. I thought it quite unusual how one of the fruits had ripened well in advance of the others, as if it was almost tempting me to eat it.

In case you are wondering why I called them the forbidden fruit, its because you can look but you can’t touch! ­čśÄ

Forbidden fruit

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  1. Thanks. Fruit flies are also attracted to rotting bananas, potatoes, onions and other unrefrigerated produce purchased at the grocery store. Fruit flies can be a problem year round, but are especially common during late summer/fall because they are attracted to ripened or fermenting fruits and vegetables.

  2. Sire

    Now that you mention it SA is one of the States that is almost fruit fly free. Unfortunately some people bring fruit infested with the fruit flies from interstate but we usually quarantine the whole area when we notice a breakout due to these morons.

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