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This post was originally a paid post sponsored by the people at Vanarelli, but it seems that even though it was approved initially the snobs down there have now decided that the name “What A Load Of Bullshit” is too offensive and have withdrawn payment. Not only that but the company they went through have deleted my blog from their records, as if I give a shit. Anyway, I have removed the links but have decided to let the post stand as it is, after all whether they liked the post or not, it is part of the blog and will remain here so that people who read it can make of it what they will.

It is truly unfortunate that many people have a pretty low view of lawyers. This has probably got a lot to do with the way they have been portrayed by the media and in many movies where they are made out to look like heartless individuals. I reckon it’s all got to do with marketing as most people want sensationalism and good hearted actions by people rarely make the news. That’s probably why tabloids are so popular.

The thing is that even if you dislike lawyers there may well come a time when you will find you will have need of their services. When selecting one I would suggest the you would best be served by finding one that specializes in your particular case. For example, if you are an elderly or disabled person or the family member of one and something has come up to do with estate tax law, public benefits law or many other court procedures then perhaps New Jersey Elder Law Attorney would best suit your needs.

Naturally when selecting a law firm such as the Law Office of Donald D. Vanarelli, that is if you haven’t got a direct recommendation from family or friends, it is always best to talk to tone of their representatives first hand to see how best they would be able to handle your case.


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  1. Mitch

    Maybe you should hire them to sue themselves for not paying what they agreed upon; weasels. 🙂

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  2. BS Artist

    Yeah, as if Lawyers didn’t know what bullshit was all about anyway?

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