Religion Does Not Suck, People Do

I’ve noticed over the years that a lot of people like to have a swipe at religion saying as how it is the cause of many of the world’s woes. I tend to disagree with this because I believe it is not religion at fault but that of the zealots and heretics who use God’s name as a tool to incite their followers in order to cause violence and mayhem against their opponents. These people look for every opportunity to misuse their religion in this manner.

Let’s take the example of someone who is horrified at a cartoon that poked fun at his belief. His first reaction is tell his followers how it is a direct attack on their God and their beliefs and therefore these people must die in order to pay for this great sacrilege. He is able to raise such a furore that it causes riots, burning of churches and even murder. This is total crap and really shows their lack of faith. Don’t they think that their God is able to look after Himself in His own sweet time? I am sure that if He was offended then the culprit would pay for it in whatever manner He saw fit.

I would say that all the wrongs done throughout the ages in the name of whatever religion has nothing to do with that particular religion, rather it is to do with the person who bastardized it in such a manner that he could use it to justify his own means.

Isn’t it amazing in this world of so-called “Free Speech” that so many people get offended by what others say to such an extent that violence ensues? The fault normally lies with both parties, those pushing their ideas and those offended by them. Let’s look at that anti-abortion demonstration. I personally do not agree with abortion but I am not about to force my belief on those who want to take that avenue. These people have already made their decision and no amount of demonstration will change their mind. If someone who wants to go that route belongs to a particular religion that disbelieves in the practice then that person can be counseled and if they will not change their mind then who are we to judge them, and the consequence of their actions will lie in the hands of their God.

It is a shame that throughout the ages the actions of a few have been able to sway the masses to such a state as to cause mayhem. Whether its religious, racial or whatever there is always someone with the charisma to sway people to commit atrocities on society. Perhaps if we all stood back from these people and refused to follow their ridiculous actions the world would be a better place but unfortunately there seems always to be a mass of feeble minded fools who cannot think for themselves and need to rely on others to tell them what to do..

In regards to religion, it should be used as a form of comfort, to gain inner peace and not to stir hatred and violence. If you come across someone who is not using it in the way it was intended then I suggest you steer clear from this person remembering that it is man that is the culprit and not the Word of God.

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  1. Robin

    Alright! I have no particular comment pertaining to this article. But I will say out of all the blogs this is one I actually READ. I would like for you to be a guest on my site. I think you have what it takes to discuss an issue so close to my heart. Actually a few issues I think you would be great at. The first. Dealing with men and women over 40 and never have been married. I know there is something wrong with us. But I bet you have an opininon. Anyway…if interested we can coordinate. You can email me above…thanks robin

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  2. BS Artist

    Well, I have never tackled the task of being a guest blogger and it is definitely something that I will consider. Thanks for the offer.

  3. Agent 001

    Thanks for visit to my blog. I see your commenting system is good too. I admit you have written a nice article. I was thinking of writing something like this but since my blog is not for these topic I couldn’t .
    I totally agree with your words. speaking of Free Speech we have same opinions. I do not think anything can be done.

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    1. BS Artist

      No problems, I know how it feels to get a comment and so I try my best to leave comments on those particular posts that I liked reading.

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