Is Professional Wrestling Total Bullshit?

Wrestling fans will vehemently deny this claim saying that it is a sport. My son has been a fan for years and for years I have been telling him what a load of crap it was and how it was all fake. That was until we went to see Smackdown at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre last Saturday Night. I remember perving on this luscious blond sheila who was walking up the stairs right past me not knowing at the time that it was actually one of the wrestling divas Kelly Kelly. Man was she hot and I couldn’t wait until I could see her in action.

Now, although I know that it was probably all choreographed, it was so professionally done that it looked real. Seeing the likes of Batista, Edge, Kane, The Undertaker, Khali and Mark Henry was pretty cool. Matt Hardy didn’t look like much but then he was the US champion so I suppose that counts for something.

The Diva Tag team match which consisted of Victoria and Natalya vs Michelle McCool and Kelly Kelly was pretty entertaining. I must admit I was a little disappointed when no-one lost a top or anything. They must have stuck them on with glue or something. Anyway, they sure knew how to play the crowds and I was glad that Kelly and McCool won after McCool put the ankle lock on Victoria.

It is really amazing how you get totally engrossed in the whole thing and a lot of it probably has to do with the general atmosphere, although I must admit I would have loved to ‘tombstone’ a couple of kids behind me or at least their parents.

I did remember to take my Panasonic Lumix DMC FX50 digital camera with me and after taking a photo with a flash and discovering what a waste that was, I played with the settings until I was happy with the resulting shots and then handed the camera to frank, my son. I noticed throughout the night how many people were using flash and couldn’t help but wonder how their photos would turn out.

Frank took a few videos with the camera as well including these highlights.

Check out this video: Batista Entrance

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Now, for a quick poll on your opinion on wrestling. Personally, after Saturday night’s show, I reckon it is total entertainment.

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  1. BS Artist

    Although wrestling itself is a sport I agree that Smackdown is more entertainment than sport, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the stars of the show are not athletes in their own right.

  2. ManoDogs

    Growing up in Memphis, TN, I actually have some insight into the sport, and I agree with you that it is very much an athletic endeavor, but the truth is that the matches are generally choreographed before they step in the ring and the winner is preordained.

    But that takes nothing away from the athleticism involved.

    ManoDogss last blog post..All Good Things Must Come to an End

  3. BS Artist

    Thanks for that bit of info mate. The thing that pisses me off about the wrestling is the injustice of many of many of the outcomes of the matches where they won by subterfuge. I know it is all for show but I find it bloody irritating.

  4. ManoDogs


    That’s just part of the show for the ongoing storylines. Pro rasslin’ has actual staff writers and all of that.

    Before the matches, the cats already know who is going to win. They get together in the back and say, “I’m going to do this, then we’ll go into that, then let’s work it so that we end-up outside the ring and I’ll go to hit you with the bell. That’s when the subterfuge will happen and we’ll end the match.” Basically like that.

    But things do go wrong, people do get mad and actually hit one another, and they are throwing real punches and so-forth.

    ManoDogss last blog post..All Good Things Must Come to an End

  5. BS Artist

    Yeah, now that would be good to see. :guns_tb:

  6. kristarella

    If it’s choreographed and they know who’s going to win, it’s not a sport. Sure, wrestling is a sport, but this over-the-top lights and name calling isn’t it. Do the actors involved in “pro-wrestling” also compete in the sport or have they given that up? It takes ability for sure, but so does Jackie Chan kung-fu scenes or the stunt driving that Matt Damon does as Bourne. It’s all entertainment.

    kristarellas last blog post..Multiple WordPress Blogs

  7. BS Artist

    Yep, and the women must find it just as entertaining as there were heaps there. Or maybe they were just perving?

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