When Blogging Gets Too Hard, Use Zemanta

Walter Connolly in Libeled Lady trailer.Image via WikipediaLet’s face it, a bloggers life is not necessarily an easy one as it does take a bit of research, not only for topics and subject matter, but also for images to insert into posts. I know that there are a lot of bloggers out there who would dearly love to add pictures to their posts but don’t because it is all too hard. many do not have photos relative to the posts and it is just too time consuming to search the net for the right photo, especially one that they can legally use.

Fortunately for us Zemanta is the solution and it is also very easy to use. Once installed, and there are many versions from FireFox extension to WordPress plugin, you just start typing your post as normal knowing that Zemanta is monitoring your work finding you the best links and photos as your work progresses. You just select the ones you want to use and Zementa places it automatically in your post.

There is no need to worry about copyright as all suggested content is copyright cleared being either clearly licenced as Creative Commons, or approved by stock providers. As you type the suggestions continue to change giving you a great selection to choose from. It will even insert your Amazon affiliate ID into any amazon links so that you can increase your earning potential.

All links and pictures in this post were inserted with a click of the mouse! How easy is that?

Note, I just tried to insert another picture and it overwrote the first one so it seems it will only allow one per post?

Zemanta Pixie

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  1. Jure Cuhalev

    Sire, thanks for this blog post about Zemanta. Your last sentence is correct. We really don’t support inserting more than one picture in the post at the moment. We’re working hard on a next release in the beginning of the June that might just bring this together with a few new nice upgrades.

    Btw, did you notice how reblog button below your post allows other to easily link to your post?

    If you have any problems with Zemanta, please drop me a mail – jure@zemanta.com or visit our forums – getsatisfaction.com/zemanta

    Jure Cuhalev, Zemanta

    Jure Cuhalev’s last blog post..Web related things happening in Slovenia in June/July 2008

  2. Sire

    Gee Jure, you are quick off the mark, as in it didn’t take you long to find this post. I did notice the reblog button and thought it a nice touch. I am slowly adding the plugin to all my blogs as I think it is just what a busy blogger needs. Thanks to the development team.

  3. neisseria

    You’re absolutely right about blogger’s life not being easy! We need all the help and tools we can get. Especially free ones! 😆

  4. Sire

    Yep, considering you don’t get many things for free these days we really need to snap up the good ones

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