COAG Sells South Australians Down River

Yesterday’s COAG (Council Of Australian Governments) has once again glossed over the needs of the River Murray and all South Australians who rely on the river system for their survival. Yet these moronic politicians sit their smiling like Cheshire Cats on what they say is a great historical occasion. This so called momentous occasion was the fact that they all signed off on the new “Murray-Darling Basin Authority”, something that in the short term will not bring one extra drop down the Murray and if the Murray is to survive it needs the water now. This isn’t my view but that of prominent scientists.

Naturally Premier Mike Rann craps on what a good deal it is for all South Australians, but I am sure that this is only because the Labor Government currently holds the reins. Were it a Liberal Government I am sure he would be screaming bloody murder on how we got a raw deal. Sure there is money allocated for infrastructure for a pipeline so that water can be piped from Tailem Bend to the irrigators around the Coorong so that they would not have to rely on the lower lakes, but don’t they realize that there isn’t enough water in the Murray as it is?

Listening to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on the radio today was like listening to a snake oil salesman. He kept going on how it would take longer than 6 months to repair the previous Governments 10 years of inaction, not mentioning Rann’s inaction during the last seven years as SA’s Premier. It was also obvious that while they did manage to start up the “Murray-Darling Basin Authority” that it was virtually a toothless tiger that could not act without the various State Governments agreement, and we all know how much we can rely on them. The one thing that came out of the interview was that he lent credence to the belief that politicians can not be trusted.

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