Comment Kahuna And The No-Follow Tags

Once upon a time in days long gone by there used to live some obnoxious beings called spammers who were the virtual thorn in a blogger’s sides. They would roam the wide world of cyberspace visiting the myriad of blogs and leave stupid and irrelevant comments. Their aim was to increase the PR Ranking of their own stupid websites or blogs.

To combat this the ‘no-follow” tag, a fairly useless tool, was developed and it’s sole purpose was to remove any weight to comments. The idea behind this was to discourage the spammers but unfortunately they still exist and more effective tools such as Akismet and SpamKarma for WordPress were developed. Even so the supreme beings such as Google continue to follow the ‘no-follow’ tags rendering even good comments useless thereby frustrating the serious blogger. It must be remembered that although the supreme beings minions, more commonly known as spiders, do still follow links with the ‘no-follow’ attribute no weight is attributed to that link and therefore it will have no effect on a sites PR.

Something had to be done, a tool developed to allow the serious, competent blogger to sift through the millions of blogs discarding those using these useless tags. In time something was done. Great minds got together and developed a package that would sift through the universal blogging world selecting the blogs that did not use the no-follow tag. Even more important they allowed the owners of this package to sift through blogs using important elements such as keyword phrases PR ranking and platform types allowing them to select only the blogs related to his/her particular niche. Being able to select the platform types such as WordPress, Squidoo, Typepad and Live Journal etc., allows the blogger to hand pick the ones he/she wants to target. After much thought and hair pulling the package was given the royal name of Comment Kahuna!

I am in the process of testing Comment Kahuna and am quite impressed. Once the blogs are selected it allows you to browse through the selection, commenting on the ones you find useful and skipping the ones that are not. The commenting can actually be done from Comment Kahuna itself and it is definitely a great time saver. The user manual is concise and easy to understand and as it comes with many tips and suggestions I can safely say that so far I am impressed and I can see how this can become a very important tool for the busy blogger.

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  1. sw33t

    this looks like a very useful straightforward tool. 10x. also in the second paragraph:

    To combat this the β€˜no-comment” tag

    i think you mean no-follow tag.

    1. BS Artist

      Yes I did :blush_tb: Thanks for pointing that out.

  2. BS Artist

    Thanks Vikki, perhaps you could let me know what you thought of Comment Kahuna.

  3. Vikki

    I’m gonna try it and let you know (in a couple of days I guess?) I receive spam comments once in a while so I have to check it out. πŸ˜€ Thanks for sharing this. πŸ™‚

    Vikkis last blog post..hitch-hiking in the city

  4. Vikki

    By the way, I downloaded it and I’m trying it now… I guess I just need to learn how to use this… πŸ™‚

    Vikkis last blog post..hitch-hiking in the city

  5. BS Artist

    You can find the user manual here and it is pretty easy to follow.

  6. Mitch

    Well, I’m thinking initially that CommentLuv has helped me get around the nofollow thing, but who knows, right? However, I have to make a different comment here, that being that I was reading along when suddenly I got redirected away from here and to some ad, and then it didn’t bring me back here but to a page I was reading previous to coming here. I’m not sure which of your programs did that, but I’m thinking that taking a reader away while in the middle of one of your posts is a bad thing.

    Mitchs last blog post..Can A Niche Be Too Defined?

  7. BS Artist

    Mitch that is weird because that should never have happened as I haven’t installed any programs that would do that. All I have is google adsense type scripts and unless you click on something you shouldn’t go anywhere? :ponder_tb:

    1. Mitch

      It was odd, Sire, but it happened, and I didn’t click on anything. Weird stuff is always happening to me, though. πŸ™‚

      Mitchs last blog post..Can A Niche Be Too Defined?

      1. BS Artist

        I wish I could explain it, but I’m afraid unless it happens to me it will remain a mystery.

    1. BS Artist

      OK Dennis, you’ve got me again. My RSS doesn’t have that option. Is it another plugin. I know that I use a ‘Subscribe To Comments’ plugin so that you can get notified of new comments. I reckon I will have to Google it.

        1. BS Artist

          Thanks mate, but I meant the RSS email feed.

  8. Dennis Edell

    No option for email subscriptions?? That’s very odd. What are you using? If it’s Feedburner, follow these steps….

    Log into account.
    Click desired feed
    Click “publicize” along the top
    Click “Email Subscriptions” left hand side 4th down.
    Grab code!

    If you’re using another service or simply the blogs feed option, then I have no idea… really should use one though, as they give you lots of options that you can use with the feed.

    Subscribe to comments is awesome, I rarely comment on a blog without it.

    In fact, if there’s a blog I like that doesn’t have it, I’ll email the owner and ask him/her to install it πŸ™‚

    But that only gives you the post you commented on, not future posts as with subscriptions.

    Sorry for being such a PITA, but I hate feed readers. I NEVER remember to check ’em and that does neither of us any good πŸ™‚

    Dennis Edells last blog post..Blog Comment Tip: Respond to Comments or Risk Losing Subscribers

  9. BS Artist

    Hi Dennis, you can now subscribe by email thanks to you. For some reason my Spam karma plugin picked up all your past comments and marked them as spam. I don’t know why. I got what I could back but those that were ‘threaded’ are lost. I have now disabled that plugin and use akismet instead.

  10. Dennis Edell

    Phew! Since you did the do follow, the other comments aren’t totally necessary, at least the long one was saved.

    It may have been my fault, I dunno. I made 3 comments in a row and that may have triggered the spam meter?

    I’m all subscribed! Next step is to put the subscription box (or at least a 2nd one) above the fold… your subscription rates rise πŸ˜‰

    Dennis Edells last blog post..Blog Comment Tip: Respond to Comments or Risk Losing Subscribers

  11. banquet manager

    I’ve used Comment Kahuna for around 2 months and it’s ok but not great. The search relevance to my selected keywords is not as on target as I would like but it’s still a very useful tool.

    banquet managers last blog post..Soup To Nuts Carnival

  12. BS Artist

    Truth be told there isn’t much in this world that is truly great. I reckon the fact that it is useful, even if in a small way, is still pretty good.

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