Young Girls Becoming Increasingly Violent Due To Mobile Phones

There has been a bit of an uproar in the news today over another fight between two young girls that was filmed on a mobile phone. The film that was being distributed via the mobile phones was titled Chantel fights Jess. The fight culminated in one girl getting a broken jaw as well as a few missing teeth. The fight itself occurred last Wednesday on the Evanston railway platform and both girls attended Gawler High.

The fact that violence is occurring amongst school kids is no surprise as this has been happening for many years, way before the technology existed where the event could be filmed via mobile phones. What is surprising is that more and more girls are getting involved. The paper goes on to say that a spokeswoman for Jane Lomax-Smith, the Minister for Education, said how the matter would be referred to the ‘anti-bullying coalition which advises government and private schools to advise on the use of technology, including mobile phones, in violent incidents.’

I heard the Minister on Leon Byner‘s 5AA talk back show and I must say that she was so full of bullshit it is unbelievable. You can hear the conversation here and all I can say is that Jane Lomax-Smith is way out of touch. We do in fact need a ‘knee jerk’ reaction and that girl has to pay for what she did. What should be done? It’s obvious that she is too young to go to jail but perhaps other methods can be brought into play. I have several recommendations.

  • Home detention for a period of time as well as school detention.
  • Psychological evaluation for both the girl and the parents.
  • Anger management courses need to be attended

Whatever happens the last thing that is needed is another bloody committee looking into why these things occur. Perhaps if these things were dealt with swiftly and kids saw that there are consequences to such actions they will think twice before treading the path of violence.

To think that the Jane Lomax-Smith seriously believes that these incidents are on the rise because of mobile phones and kids watching ‘Funniest Home Show Video’ is in itself laughable and I would suggest she take action now rather than wait for the results of another stupid committee.


If you have an opinion on this subject, please leave a comment as I would really be interested in other peoples viewpoint.

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  1. Tara Cotton

    Hi my name is Tara Cotton; I am currently a year 9 student at Gawler High school.
    My school is a loving and honest environment.
    I hate how the media is twisting everyone’s opinion or what happened. If the media just listens to the people at Gawler High and what we have to say I bet you they will our school is a very proud and respectful school. I no i am proud of the things our teachers go to making sure we are safe and well looked after.
    Im not one of the best students, but still what the media is making me and the other girls at Gawler sound like is that we all have little six packs and that we run around looking for a fight. WELL WE ARE NOT.I stick up for my friends and I’m pretty sure they would stick up for me but never result to violence.
    I just want to get this point across what ever you see or read or have even been told by the media doesn’t make it true.

  2. BS Artist

    Hi Tara, thanks for taking the time to comment. I hope that you noticed that I did in no way say anything negative about your school. I was however taking a swipe at our Education Minister and the system that is letting everyone down, especially if they let kids get away with such violent behaviour.

  3. Kimberley Foreman

    I agree with Tara. Our school isn’t the problem, considering the fight wasn’t even at the school! Half the people from the media don’t even know the basic facts let alone anything else. Half these articles are saying they were year nines. One was year 10 the other year 11. Get your facts right!

  4. BS Artist

    Hi Kimberly, I believe I did mention that the fight was at the Evanston railway platform and I don’t believe I mentioned any ages. Perhaps the media should take a leaf from my book.

  5. Tara Cotton

    yeah its kool im over it now but kimberly/kim haha
    your right it no ones fault except for the two involded.

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