Chiesa Cattolica Italiana Lottery Scam

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The Email:

Chiesa Cattolica Italiana,

The Entire Members of Chiesa Cattolica Italiana hereby notify you as the winner of £650,000.00GBP.Contact ev Sis Tema Ancelloti @ Email: with your Bio-data full Names, address, country, age, sex, occupation, telephone numbers for claims.

Nice try fellas, using a legitimate site for your phishing lottery scam. Why would they use GBP instead of Euros, and why a gmail account, gee you may as well have used a yahoo account. What a BS effort.

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  1. Richard

    Hi everyone i got the same thing and now i have stop all process of giving information because they will not email you back about any information to let you know that they are not a fraude so i am looking for a way to find out if this is real or a way to shut this crap down ! ! !

  2. BS Artist

    Good luck Richard. Let us know how you get on.

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