Introducing WassupBlog, The Blog That Rocks :)

There is one advantage of being a blogger with more blogs than he can wave a stick at and that is that you can use them every once in awhile to give a particular post a plug. This is especially true when you think that one of those posts stands over and above the rest. Well this is one of those times and I want to introduce WassupBlog my latest blog and in particular this post. The only problem is that I run the risk of being totally humiliated when no-on actually likes it but what the heck, thats the risk you take when you go out on a limb and like they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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  1. Mitch

    Well, at some point someone had best stop you, otherwise I’m going to start going the same type of blogging route as you; then how will the world handle both of us?

    By the way, do you keep all your blogs on the same host?

  2. Sire

    I think I will stop myself as there is only so much one man can do. I actually use two different hosts. No point putting all your eggs in one basket.

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