The Day That HHgregg Took On A Blogger And Lost

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I have always said that when when you are in business your staff is one of your most important assets. Whilst training as a salesman I remember that one of the lessons shoved down our throats was that if you were to provide a customer with a positive sales experience they may actually tell one or two others of their experience. If on the other hand you were to give them shit, then you can bet your bottom dollar that the whole bloody world was going to hear about it.

That was before blogging existed and I would have to say that that remark is closer to the truth today than it was all those years ago and to substantiate my argument I would love for you to read this post by Jim Kukral, a well renowned blogger.

Unfortunately the problem with Jim’s response is the the sales person who provided the crappy service gets away with murder and all the other sales staff, some who may well go over and above the call of duty, get tarred with the same brush. So I ask you, is it fair that the whole sales team, not to mention the rest of the employees that work at HHgregg have to suffer for the sake of one stupid jerk who wouldn’t know how to treat a customer if he fell over one?

If it was me I would have approached things differently because I would want the moron to learn the error of his ways. The first thing I would have done would be to ask to see the manager and then explain to him/her how offended you were by the actions of this particular staff member. I would then highlight the fact that because of the actions of the said staff member the store has lost a sale as well as future potential sales.

Maybe I am a softy, but I just feel that every deserves a second chance. I hope that those reading this post have learned a couple of things.

  • If you are in business then train your staff properly as they are the forefront of your company so check that they are treating your customers with the the utmost due respect.
  • Make sure they know their products, the last thing you want is someone who has now idea of what he is selling.
  • That they never use the line, “Hello, can I help you?” as that gives a customer an ‘out.’
  • And most importantly don’t piss your customer off, especially Jim, pictured, because he will make sure the world hears about it.

On a side note, I can’t for the life of me wonder why someone would call their business HHgregg. What the hell is that all about anyway?


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  1. JBO

    I am glad that with blogging people have a voice – I had such a diabolical service from one company that the only voice I had was in the form of clogging – I found many other dissatisfied customers and we got some recognition for it.

    I agree with your soft approach but sometimes this just doesn’t hit hard enough for giving shoddy services.

  2. BS Artist

    Well JBO, all I can say is that sometimes when you go straight to the top and tell the big boys exactly how it is that the offending sales person won’t think it is such ‘soft approach.’

  3. JBO

    True – I guess there are different approaches depending on the circumstances!

    Either way, doing nothing is not an option!

  4. Mitch

    Yeah, I think you’re a softie, because I’d probably be reacting the same way Jim did, only I don’t have a video camera so I’d just have to write about it. I don’t always ask for a manager; matter of fact, I rarely do. And maybe that’s a failing of mine.

  5. Mitch

    Man, no CL love again! 🙁

    Mitchs last blog post..test

  6. BS Artist

    Say Mitch, is it just on my blogs or do you sometimes miss out on CL on other blogs as well?

    1. Mitch

      I don’t know; there’s not as many people as we believe using it. Next time I see it, I’ll have to take better notice of it. But I just left another comment on one of your other blogs, and it didn’t come up once more. Have you updated the plugin?

      Mitchs last blog post..Time To Get My Diabetes Under Control Again

  7. BS Artist

    I always update the plugins Mitch. It’s a good habit of mine 😉

    1. Mitch

      Well, CommentLuv still seems to be hit or miss these days; how weird,…

  8. BS Artist

    Yes, that is my sole purpose in life Mitch, to make people stop and think about things. Now if I can only get it to work with my wife :ponder_tb:

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