New Theme For Well Blog Me!

As much as I liked the other theme it had a few shortcomings, the main one being that every time I want to edit a post I had to go through the hassle of logging into the dashboard and then finding the post I wanted to edit. This theme allows me to do it straight from the post itself. A huge time saver.

It is also very configurable and has many other features like allowing me to sell ad space. That and the fact that it is pretty easy on the eye makes it a winner.

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  1. Mitch

    I hope I’m the first one to write on your newly designed blog; looks great! Moving the ads to the left side looks pretty good also; something different. Course, I just noticed that you don’t list all of your blogs; let’s gets a move on, man! And, of course, don’t forget me, nor the I Comment image. lol

    Mitchs last blog post..Stripe Ads

    1. Sire

      Yep, it’s the ‘White’ version of the theme I use on WassupBlog and you had me worried for a moment because I was sure I had the blogroll up, and naturally, being always right, it was. :laugh_tb:

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