De Nederlandse Staatsloterij Lottery Winner

This is so obviously a phishing email one wonders how anyone can be so stupid as to believe that someone would actually give these turkeys the information that they have requested. Wake up to yourselves people, people simply do not just give away this sort of money for no reason at all. It’s so obviously a scam you would have to be a moron to fall for it.

De Nederlandse Staatsloterij.
Promotional/Sweepstakes Office
Postbus 3334, 5902 RH Venlo
Den Haag, the Netherlands.

Dear Sir/Madam,
Following several unsuccessful attempt to reach you by post, the
management has decided we reach you via your email address. This is to
officially inform you that your email address attached to an E-Ticket No:
011-9085555(03-26) has won Nine Hundred and Twenty Five Thousand Euros
only (?925,000) in the 2nd category of the Nederlandse Staatsloterij
Promotional Sweepstakes conducted October 4, 2008 and the result were
release today October 11, 2008. This is a free promotional program
sponsored by KNVB and consortiums of software companies, which means
Lottery tickets were not sold.

For claims and further information, contact our Account/Funds Release
Department on the details below:
Miller Green (Dr.)
Funds Release/Account Head,
Tel: +31-619-124-607
Fax: +31-847-386-694

To enable them verify your payment file, provide them with the following
under listed details via this email address:
(1). Full Names:
(2). Tel/Fax Numbers:
(3). E-mail Address:
(4). E-Ticket No :


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