Derek Gehl Latest Venture

Most of us who have heard of Derek Gehl, know what a guru this bloke is. Well it seems that he is on a mission to get people to come by his

blog and tell me what their #1 barrier to making money on the Internet is. In exchange, I’ve offered to help them overcome it, with a TON of FREE training.

He actually sent me an email so that I can notify all my friends of his offer, but I thought I would take it one step further and post it on some of my blogs, as this would give the message maximum exposure. I have adapted parts of the message, in red,  so that I could post it on the blog.

Hi You Lucky Gun You,

The other day, I sent you an email offering you FREE help
overcoming your #1 barrier to making money online. Oops Sorry, the idea of posting it only just came to me.

To get it, all you need to do is visit Internet marketing
guru Derek Gehl’s live survey, and share your BIGGEST challenge.

Since I sent that last email, Derek’s been FLOODED with 1,000s
of submissions! Was yours one of them? Damn, I knew I should have posted this earlier.

If not, why not?!

This is your opportunity to have Derek help you overcome your #1
success-killing obstacle for free! He’s going to review all the
submissions, and then provide a TON of FREE training and help to
as many people as *possible*.

Heck, he’s even going to bribe you with a free gift to get you
to participate!

So if you haven’t responded yet, you’re either…

*Already* massively successful and don’t NEED any help.
(If so, well done, and keep up the good work!)

Or you’re afraid to face your challenge head-on, and will
continue to struggle with poor results.

*Whatever* the reason, if you still want Derek to help you
succeed — for FREE — just go to his survey, at:

When you get there, spend a few minutes reading the other

I bet you’ll be shocked to see how many OTHER people are facing
the SAME challenges you are! You’re not alone…

All the best,


P.S. Last I heard, Derek was thinking about shutting down the
live survey in the next couple of hours, due to the overwhelming
number of submissions he’s getting. So if you want his help,
you need to submit your #1 barrier to success right away:

Well, that’s it. The rest is up to you.

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