Don’t You Hate it When…….?

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OK, it’s time I get it off my chest. I’ve had it with people that think they can pay you a compliment and at the same time think they can get away with feeding you a lot of bullshit. For example:

  • I hate it when people leave you a comment telling you they loved your post so much that they Stumbled it. Man, I worked hard on that post and I figured it was about time somebody appreciated it, only to find after checking that they didn’t stumble it at all!
  • I hate it when someone comments on one of my posts that was plugging an affiliate and how it convinced them to actually join, and upon checking I find that I haven’t sucked anyone into that affiliate for the past 10 months.
  • I hate it when someone comments and the comment had nothing at all to do with the post.
  • I hate it when someone has a go at me and hasn’t the guts to leave a link or proper email
  • I hate it when I get two to three word comments.

Oh, I feel so much better now that I have gotten that off my chest. What are some of the things that you hate?


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  1. Mitch

    I hate when people abuse my time and don’t try to understand what I’m saying to them.

    I hate when people call you about projects then never call you back.

    I hate that we’re projected to get 6-8 inches of snow by midnight. lol

    Mitchs last blog post..Planning For Building A Commerce Website

  2. BS Artist

    Wow, you’re going to get snow, and we can’t even get a drop of water. Can I come and visit?

    Yep, I agree with the not calling back, that is so rude and unbusiness like.

    1. Mitch

      You can come visit any time you want, Sire; just try to be prepared for how cold it will be.

      Meanwhile, I have something else I hate today; my computer! It keeps rebooting, so it’s thrown off my writing and other work today, as I’ve been working on it for 10 hours now (I’m writing this from the laptop).

      Mitchs last blog post..How To Memorize Anything

      1. Sire

        You kidding I reckon I would love the snow. I usually go to work when it’s 3C so I reckon if I wear trousers when it snows I should have the base covered. Anyway, I’m sure you would invite an old friend in for a cup of coffee or something.

        As for the laptop, I was thinking that next time I went for an upgrade I would opt for the laptop. Are you inferring that it migfht be a bad idea?

        Sires last blog post..Honestly, Bullshit Isn’t Really A Dirty Word

        1. Mitch

          I’m not inferring anything except I hate my computer right now; urrgh. And you’re talking 3C; ever dealt with -26C?

          Mitchs last blog post..How To Memorize Anything

          1. BS Artist

            Nope, that’s why I will wear the trousers, and maybe some long johns, mittens and I’ll grow my beard again. Do you reckon that will cover it?

  3. Jeremy

    I hate it when people post things like this that make me scarred to comment on their blog :lol_tb:

    And like Mitch, I hate when people don’t have the courtesy of returning phone calls. However, I conversely hate people who continually call you when you’ve asked them not to (like car dealers – when I said I wasn’t interested I was serious, stop calling me!

    Jeremys last blog post..Quantum of Solace – James Bond Becomes a Superhero, Unfortunately

  4. BS Artist

    Well Jeremy, sounds like a new post for your Bitchin Blog, or have already covered that?

  5. Jeremy

    Nah, I’ll save it for the Jeremy gives Sire a hard time blog…

  6. BS Artist

    Now that could be interesting. I will wait with baited breath, as long as I don’t suffocate from the wait.

  7. Dennis Edell

    Don’t even get me started! Aside from the 2-3 word comment crap, i’ve dealt with all kinds of lies like you mentioned.

    Mitch – if there was a side crack in there about emails too, I’ve been swamped. 😉

    Dennis Edells last blog post..$5 Paypal For The Best Favicon Idea!

    1. Mitch

      Naw Dennis, that one wasn’t for you. I’ve had two contacts in the past week for big time consulting assignments, and neither one has followed through on it. I hate that; they reach out to you first, then nothing.

      Course, if you’re feeling guilty,… lol

      Mitchs last blog post..The Computer Is Working Again; For Now

  8. BS Artist

    The only bugs I hate are those big hairy spiders.

  9. Jeremy

    Random comment:

    2 days ago, a female friend of mine ran across a 2″ diameter “spider”, jumped on top of a chair, started screaming, only to have another friend pick up a spider ring left over from Halloween…I wish I had it on video, and realize you probably had to be there to fully appreciate the humor of the situation but nonetheless I felt compelled to share…

    Jeremys last blog post..Clapping For Movies – The Ultimate in Theatrical Stupidity

  10. BS Artist

    Jeremy, that is nothing. I was driving my car with my then young family when I noticed this huge spider on the windscreen, so I hit the window wipers to knock it off. :gulp_ee: Damn me if it wasn’t on the inside. I stopped the car in the middle of the road, got out and told the wife to get rid of it. Not bad huh, some protector of the family I turned out to be. :doh_tb:

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