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I have just come across a brand new and unique blog directory called Blog Serp and I think it is very aptly named as it is another step towards as it could well get you a better SERP (Search Engine Result Page). It’s a cinch to join, it’s free and it will take a snapshot of your blog for all to see. Not only that, it also allows people to vote for your blog. Once it really gets going more likely than not it will also send some visitors your way.

This site is the brainchild of the owner of BlogEngage, another site that I highly recommend  you should join as the owner loves it when you submit posts from your own blog, as long as it is of good content. Warning any spam will be deleted, as it should.

Oh, and while you are at Blogserp, do me a favor and vote for my WassupBlog and if you leave a comment with a link to your blog I will return the favor.

Don’t forget to join Cool Blog Links and increase your Blog’s exposure.

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  1. bbrian017

    Thanks Sire all the help I can get promoting the new site is awesome and greatly appreciated.

    I never seen this blog before. I simply typed in blog serp into Google and found my way here.

    Well thanks again and hope to see you around!


    bbrian017s last blog post..Got Traffic? How to keep them coming back

  2. Sire

    Another one of many Brian. I will do the same with my other blogs for even more exposure.

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