Desperate Housewives Not As Desperate As Sunday Mail Proof Readers

tvguideHonestly, what hope have we when the big boys in publication let huge errors slip by allowing the world to see that they have absolutely no idea how to proof read an article before it reaches the final stages of publication. One can understand how a minor error in a large article might slip past due to human error, as I am sure that the spell checker would pick it up, but then they still rely on human judgment as to how to proceed with the errors they’ve found.

This error on the other hand beggars belief. This is a copy of the TV Guide that was inserted into today’s issue of the Sunday Mail, our major news publication. Now I know that we are currently going through a heat wave with temperatures reaching close to 46C in the city, but honestly is that any excuse for letting an error of this magnitude slip by, not only the editors but whoever has to sign off on the final deal? The only excuse that I can possibly come up with for this error is that they were all too pissed to pick it up.


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  1. peter

    Standards aren’t what they were! Maybe the heat was reflected across the Pacific?



  2. BS Artist

    You getting a bit of heat in NZ as well Peter? Bet you it’s nowhere near what we have to go through, and yes I reckon standards are definitely slipping, at least for this week. I wonder who is getting their arse kicked over this blunder.

  3. Mitch

    Actually Sire, they might have done that on purpose, since “disparate” is a legitimate word.

    Mitchs last blog post..Whatโ€™s In A Name?

  4. BS Artist

    OK, as usual you are right and the closest meaning that could relate to the article would have to be;

    fundamentally different or distinct in quality or kind; “such disparate attractions as grand opera and game fishing”; “disparate ideas”

    perhaps related to the fact that it starts 5 years after the last show and is therefore fundamentally different. Man, how many people would pick up on that, a[art from you that is? :laugh_tb:

  5. BS Artist

    Do you normally have to repeat yourself when telling your wife this? :lol_ee:

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