A Great WordPress Plugin That Allows You To Keep Track Of Your Favourite Bloggers

I’ve posted this on Wassup Blog under the title A Twitter Service You’d Be Crazy To Miss Out On but because I want to get maximum exposure I thought I should use my other blogs to help get the word out. If you are a regular reader of my other blogs I apologize for the repetition, but I think it is important enough to warrant it.

Remember my post on The 10 Stages Of A Twitterer where I basically, tongue in cheek, went through the different stages of life as a twitterer? Well thanks to Stratos of stratos.me I’ve installed a brand new WordPress plugin called Tweetscribe Me. I am so impressed with this plugin that I am actually going to make a small donation to the bloke who developed it as I think it is well deserved.

In a nutshell, what the plugin does is it allows you to get DM’d (that’s a Direct Message) via Twitter every time someone that you have subscribed to, via Tweetscribe Me, publishes a new post. Naturally they also get DM’d eveytime you publish a new post. Can you see the potential? I certainly did which is why I was the first one to test out this great plugin. Now let’s makes something quite clear. This dose not meant that you will get notified every time one of your Twitter followers published a post, heck that would drive me up the wall and I wouldn’t be pushing this plugin at all. Only those that you have subscribed to via Tweetscribe Me will be notified and you don’t even have to be following them on Twitter.

I know that you are probably thinking that this is the same as Tweet My Blog, but it isn’t as that plugin only sends out a general tweet to your followers, who if are not on line generally never get to see it. Tweetscribe Me will email them directly, DM them or both depending how you set it up. There is no way anyone can miss out on updates from any of the bloggers they have subscribed too. This is so much better than RSS readers as once again you have to physically run your RSS reader just to see what folks have been up to.

So, how do you get into the action? Man I am so glad you asked, because this Aussie blogger is just bustin at the seems to let everyone know how they can get instant tweeting gratification. Man, it’s almost better than sex. I did say almost. :laugh_tb: OK, Just follow the these steps in the order that I’ve presented them. This is very important.

  1. You have to follow twscribe, because if you don’t it won’t work.
  2. Download the Tweetscribe Me plugin and install it to your WordPress Blog.
  3. Activate the plugin and then got to the plugin settings where you fill in your Twitter user name and password and click the save button.
  4. Go to the Tweetscribe Me site and log in, once again with your Twitter details.

That’s all there is to it. Check out the enlisted blogs to find out who else is using the TweetScribe Me and subscribe to those you want to follow. You will be notified when someone subscribes to you and even when they unsubscribe. This is so much better than feedburner and the like because you can actually see who is following you. You can even display the amount of people following you by pasting a code into your sidebar. You can see mine on the right sidebar under the ‘Plug This Blog’ heading

At the moment members are few as this is brand spanking new, so we really need to get folks interested in it.  So I am looking for you guys to join up as this is going to revolutionize the way we utilize Twitter. Tell everyone you know about it so that we can really get this going. The more members we have the greater selection of bloggers to choose from.

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