USAA Confirmation Form Is A Pile Of BS

Lately, I’ve been receiving all these emails  asking me to access an online forms to confirm my USAA membership. I knew this was bullshit as I wasn’t a member in the first place. Anyway, I google’d it and found out that USAA stood for United Services Automobile Association, and I could see how some may be worried about their membership with them. So, to all those people who received the following email, it’s one of those bullshit phishing letters that only want to suck information out of you so that they can either steal your identity or fleece you of as much cash as they can.

Dear USAA Customer,

We would like to inform you that we have released a new version of USAA Confirmation Form. This form is required to be completed by all USAA customers. Please use the button below in order to access the form:

Access USAA Confrmation form

Thank you,

Please, if you get it this in your email, do us all a favor and ignore it.

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