Did Rann Screw The Labor Party By Having Sex With Michelle Chantelois

Well, it’s all over the news, South Australia is having it’s first ever major political sex scandal, and it involves our previously squeaky clean Premier Mike Rann.

The allegations were made by Michelle Chantelois who at the time was a waitress at Parliament House. Although she didn’t come out in public until last night, things were brewing ever since her husband whacked Mike with a rolled up magazine a little while back. At the time Mike denied even knowing him.

I watched the Channel 7 program, and I must admit Michelle was very convincing. She didn’t stumble once and seemed so certain about things and how they transpired. One would have thought if she made the whole thing up she would have put got her story mixed at least once.

I’m not at all surprised that Rann, our master spin doctor, denied the allegations. Why wouldn’t he when so much is at stake. It sort of brings to mind the American version which involved Monica Lewinsky and President Clinton. Who can forget how Bill Clinton denied those allegations, and when caught out tried to spin out of it by saying a blow job wasn’t really sex.

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Not our Mike Rann. He went for a hell of a lot more than a blow job. Not to be outdone by some Yank he allegedly had sex on the Parliamentary office table, the office floor, and even up against the wall after asking Michelle to watch a particular movie just so as to make sure she got all the moves right.

Anyway, not only is Rann denying it, he is going to sue Channel 7 and New Idea for airing these allegations. This is going to be really interesting as Channel 7 said last night that even more revelations are to be revealed throughout the week.

Personally I think that Rann, like Clinton, has been caught with his pants down. I’m sure Seven and New Idea would have to have fairly damning evidence otherwise they would never have gone ahead with Rann’s dirty deed.

It was revealed on 5AA, one of our prominent talk back radio stations, that Michelle revealed what was happening at the time to a close friend as well as her mother who was visiting from the States, at the time. Apparently her mother has kept a meticulous diary for years, and guess what, there are actual entries in the diary of some of the events that went on. Perhaps not as good as semen on a dress, who knows why Monica Lewinsky kept that, but it would be pretty damning all the same.

If I recall correctly Michelle did mention in the interview that Rann did make one slip in that he did send her an SMS! Perhaps thins is her equivalent of the semen stained dress?

It seems we have some interesting times ahead, and if it turns out that Rann is not able to spin his way out of this mess one would pretty well assume that Ranns shagging episode will pretty well screw the Labor party, especially with the election looming early next year.

Naturally, if he is innocent he will come out like a shining night wearing his Teflon coated suit. But, if on the other hand if Michelle turns out to be telling the truth you would think that his political career would be at an end.

So, lets say he is guilty, should he be forgiven, after all he’s only human>? Never mind that he ruined the life of a woman and her family, not to mentioned that he lied to the people that put him into office.

Should he resign or wait to be turfed out by his party members?

Would you vote for him in the coming elections?

Before answering that question, consider the following excerpts of Rann’s Ministerial Code Of Conduct;

Ministers must ensure that their personal conduct is consistent with the dignity, reputation and integrity of Parliament. Ministers are responsible to Parliament for their actions and the actions of the departments and agencies within their portfolio.

Then there is also the bit that says;

Ministers are expected to act honestly, diligently and with propriety in the
performance of their public duties and functions. Ministers must ensure they do not
deliberately mislead the public or the Parliament on any matter of significance arising
from their functions.

Ministers are expected to act honestly, diligently and with propriety in the performance of their public duties and functions. Ministers must ensure they do not deliberately mislead the public or the Parliament on any matter of significance arising from their functions.

I suppose that means that as a Premier, he should not be lying to the public.?

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  1. Mitch

    Wow, good stuff! Quick question, that being which woman and family did he mess up? He certainly didn’t ruin this woman’s life; she was the participant, and she’s the one who came forward. Is he married?
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..How I Write Blog Posts =-.

    1. BS Artist

      At the time I think he was engaged to his present wife. The claim is that he seduced her while she was vulnerable because she was having personal problems at home.

      If he knew that she was married and had two kids I think you could say he ruined her life as far as her marriage was concerned.

  2. Debbie

    What daughter would tell her mother what goes on in her personal life especially if she is supposed to be married.
    Perhaps a histroinic would, that would mean that she invent’s relationships or exaggerates them.

    1. BS Artist

      Perhaps one ridden by guilt who wanted to bear her soul to someone other than her husband?

  3. Debbie

    Perhaps she should have been bearing her soul to her husband five years ago. Or was his money more important at the time. It doesn’t sound as though she has any guilt for a part. What women would try and destroy a wife in the process or her children and ruin his election chances.
    Why wait five years later to ruin Ranns election chances and getting paid to do so. You don’t get paid thousands of dollars without there being some untruths in the story.
    Martin Hamilton Smith was close friends with david Mccleod in the army. His law Partner was Michael Kernot also in the army with them both.
    I doubt Michelle Chantelois has a soul.

    1. BS Artist

      She only came forward to protect the husband that she cheated on. If you recall all this started after he hit Rann with the rolled up magazine. I always thought that she wanted people to know it was her fault and not her husbands.

  4. Debbie

    What the husband who is an avid Liberal funder who had his own business and is a liberal supporter . At the time there was a lot of trouble involving the Burnside Council which Labor intervened. The husband has had his own affairs while he was married. He was also a drug addict and alcoholic. He got michelle pregnant and had to marry her. So we can all go to court claiming our spouses hit somene and they can get off because they had a reason for doing it. I would assume when Rann said he had a relationship with Michelle five years ago we could have all guessed ourselves, that was the reason he hit him. Still no excuse. It’s also easy to place the blame on Rann for Phillips own inadeqecies as a husband, because the marriage was failing a very long time before Rann came along. Plus who gave Michelle the tickets for her to attend the art gallery where they knew Rann would be ????
    All this publicity is really going to harm her children. Harm Ranns wife. Yet for the thousands of Dollars paid to her, she has to keep it up to ruin his election hopes. Phillips case was settled ages ago, yet she’s still keeping it up. So there goes your theory.

    1. BS Artist

      All I have to say is why is Rann refusing to take the lie detector test if he’s so innocent? By doing so he’s sowing the seed of doubt.

      Personally I don’t care who he screws as long as it’s not on the office table during work hours. As far as I’m concerned it’s all about honesty, and if he has lied about his affair, well I can no longer trust him to run the state.

  5. Debbie

    Don’t you find it very strange that she went into very many details especially about the desk. To make it seem more like it was a Clinton affair. So people will be judging Rann to be like Clinton.
    Histroinics can pass lie detector tests.
    Rann and his now wife had been helping Michelle through a very bad traumatic Marriage that had been falling a part.
    Why did Rann have to change his mobile phone number ???
    Why go through a lie detector test when the media would grab hold of it and if the lie detector was based with wrong questions to manipulate Rann, it also would furthur harm and hurt his wife to go through all that again with private details made public. Remember liberal may be behind this with a lot of money in people’s pockets. Turnbull is funded by channel 7. Murdoch owns the Advertiser. Murdochs nephew also funds Turnbull. Hamilton Smith is Close friends of Michelle’s Lawyers. The psychologist for Phillips is near his friends office ????The psychologist is known to be the only one who treats NPD , not problems associated with his wife.

    Why all this so close to an election. Why pay Michelle to attend public events that would further harm Ranns chances in the elections. Why bring her out more and more in the Media so close to an election.?

    What’s also strange to is, where was the husband when Michelle went out at night and who was looking after her children ???

    1. BS Artist

      I have already answered as to why it was so close to the election. As to the lie detector test, I’m pretty sure that Rann himself said several years ago it should be used against some Liberal member. Why not take his own advice?

      Rann and his wife was helping her in a difficult time in her life? Give me a break. Why deny knowing her husband?

      As to changing his mobile number, could it be because he finally saw what he was doing was political suicide and he had to cut all ties to her?

      It’s because the media would grab hold of it that he should go through it, so that people would know he was telling the truth, unless he had something to hide.

      To say that those in charge of the lie detector test, professionals who I dare say would not place their professionalism at risk by stacking the questions is ludicrous.

      I’m sure we would of seen a lot more of Michelle had she really wanted to hurt Rann’s chances of wining the election. Her husband, well that’s another matter entirely.

      Anyway, I think Rann and the Labor party have a lot more to worry about than the Michelle.

      As to your last question, wasn’t she a barmaid, and if so I’m pretty sure that there are times in the hospitality industry that they work pretty late at night. It wouldn’t take much to sneak a quicky on the office desk.

  6. Debbie

    Why is the liberal repeatedly saying they are an honest party to show up Rann. They know that by using Michelle it would ruin his credibility.

    Rann already told us after he was hit by Phillips that he had a past relationship with her. Do we trust Phillips word that he hit rann because of his wife, or perhaps he planned it that way by using her as an excuse to get it made public so he could again use his wife to ruin Rann. The newspapers certainly did overdo rann being hit by a newspaper.

    It should be between a wife and husband who is being honest in a relationship not the media.

    All Ranns past relationships rang Channel 7 and they all said what a great pleasant man Rann was.

    Also why does Liberal one minute say it should be a private matter with Phillips and left at that, the next minute they say they will be looking much closer into it .

    Really who is the honest party. ???

    They already falsely accused Bannon as being Corrupt and left out the real reasons for the collapse of BankSA manipulating the public with lies.
    How many times has Liberal tried to ruin Ranns credibility.

    1. BS Artist

      Rann is ruining his own credibility. I heard him lie outright only yesterday. While talking to Leon Viner he was bragging how it was all due to his efforts that we’re getting that 490 billion litres of water. That was until Isobel wanted to see proof, and then he changed it later that day to say that he never said it and that it was the Advertiser who got it wrong.

      Let’s not try to say that Labor is completely honest either. I remember how Tom Koutsantonis was all high and mighty about getting rid of the hoons for speeding when he was a speed freak himself. Need I go on. Both parties have their black sheep.

      The question at hand is not the parties involved, it’s whether Rann lied to the public or not.

  7. Debbie

    There’s a big difference between speeding and hoon driving but yes Tom was raised over the coals for that.
    I’m rather sick of both these parties fighting over water just for votes.
    We all know Rann has done as much as he can to help the murray. Nothing was done before Rann, yet the Murray was in dire straits then.
    Heavens we have had strict water restrictions with lawn replaced by high dry weeds and dangerous grass seeds, rats and snakes. Gum trees dying.
    He regulated the amount of water irrigators could use along the murray.
    Rann has always been having Negotiations with the other states over water. Our Bank Managers concerned with growers in the riverland have extensive water Lectures and not one of them has any faults with what Rann is doing. Of course irrigators will complain because they are restricted by how much water they can pull out, some have very good irrigator systems. I don’t think they do in NSW. You cannot blame Rann for the Murray being the way it is. It’s much further up in NSW where the water isn’t getting a fast flow down.

    I don’t think so BS. It’s more likely Michelle has been lying.
    Who would go out and speak of all of her private details to the media for money, when it could harm her children. Now look what has happened her son is up on assualt charges. Phillips is blaming Rann for it ??????????????????? In the mean time Phillips is looking like an angry thug. Phillips is unable to take any blame for himself. He was a drug and alcohol addict, with connections to the outlaw bikie gangs who are out to harm Rann. The outlaw bikie gangs the bad ones “criminals” are connected to Isobel redmond and hamilton Smith to ruin rann all over facebook. The cyberpaths belonging to the gang from Winderlich’s page are all on Isobel’s page.
    Under her nose they are causing harm and making up many fake identities. Lucas was also on the Bikies hit list. These cyberpaths make up fake pages and defame. Lucas had a website put up to defame him. Liberal blame it on Labor. Yet it’s not labor it’s these criminals working with the liberals to falsely blame Rann. To cop it off the bikies defaming rann, have a picture of Phillips up on their page next to motor bikes. Why forget to tell us of the New 100 million Dollar Glenside ??? It is supposed to have a drug rehabilitation Centre ???
    The drug pushers would lose a lot of business because a very large amount of mental health patients are addicted to drugs. A lot of mental hospitals have a drug turf.
    Isobel redmond is very soft on Ectasy i listened to her video. Even though she said it wasn’t as bad as illegal drugs, it was the way she said it. She supports the Bikies. She doesn’t seem to be inclined to know that our teenagers are getting ectasy tablets in hindley street.
    Rann is trying his best to track down on crime. Those bikie’s on facebook are not what i would call innocent bikies. They are extremely dangerous ones. Trust me. So why is there a connection between them and the Liberal Party. ???
    Back to Michelle. If Rann knew that much of what Michelle had said was lie’s, he would be taking it up with Channel 7.
    Did you read yesterday’s paper BS, the story involved a couple of others and not just Rann. Isobel is the type to make stuff ups not Rann.
    She cannot even see that cyberpaths are on her page causing harm.
    Sorry, but my own opinion is that there is some dirty drug funding going on in the liberal party and they are assisting the bikies ruin Rann.
    At our expense mind you, because Rann is only bent on keeping us safe, not so with Isobel.

    1. BS Artist

      It seems there is no convincing you so I’m not going to try. I personally, and I am not alone, think that Michelle is telling the truth. Rann could convince us otherwise if he only took that lie detector test, but he won’t and one can only wonder as to why?

      While Rann may not be at fault for the condition of the Murray the other States are and they’re all Labor. You’d figure Rudd would rein them in, but he doesn’t. So much for that revolutionary agreement they all signed. What a waste of paper that was.

      As to the bikes, I don’t believe there is a connection. FaceBook is crap and you can’t take anything you find on there as being credible.

  8. Debbie

    There are a numer of bikie groups on facebook with a number men they hate due to the outlawing of the bikie gangs. They are the independant men who are running in the elections. They use fake indentities for defamations and impersonating other members. Mr. Lucas was one man on their hate list i don’t know why. Yet apparently Lucas had a website put up falsely about him to lie about him and defame him. This was falsely blamed on Labor. Yet i iminage it was this bikie group. If i myself had a relationship with a man when i wasn’t married and this man then told the public very many untruths about me and they asked me to take a lie detector test I would refuse, because i would go on my integrity that i am not a liar. This will be found out in court under a defamation case.
    Now Phillips son has assaulted a young boy with a spear. I’ve always said that Chantelle would be harming her children by bringing an explicite rehearsal out in public. You can imagine how the boy would be bullied. When a young boy is bullied too much they retaliate.
    Now here we have Phillips, blaming the assault on Rann. Phillips will never blame himself, for his own inadequitcies even though we know he himself was often unfaithful. He looked like the bully he is. Just because they are labor in different states doesn’t mean they give favours. They have their own states to worry about. NSW has far more growers and larger crops. Rice and Cotton being a couple that use a lot of water. Some of those crops have been cut right back. In SA we have a glut on grape Vines. Too many grape growers. NSW also went through a draught awhile back. We also were not getting enough rain. What we really need is a very large rainful and a very heavy winter.

  9. BS Artist

    OK Debbie, talk about spreading rumors, you’ve mentioned a couple of times now that Philips was often unfaithful, and yet it’s never been on the news once. If that was true I’m sure I would have heard of it before now.

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