Have You Completed Your Squidoo Lens Yet?

This is just a quick post about my first Squidoo page. Although I actually started a lens almost two years ago, it wasn’t until I actually had the need to bring it to the final stage of publishing that I finally completed it. I’ve explained the reason for doing that in my Necessity The Mother Of Invention And How It Relates To Blogs where it explains how people find a way to do things when there is a specific need for getting it done. In my case the need was to help promote and market a new venture I was getting into.

I would dare to say that most of you may be familiar with Squidoo, but for those of you who aren’t all that familiar with it I would highly recommend that you check it out. If you take my lens, that’s what they call them, as an example you will see how I’ve used it to promote several of the posts on my blogs. This gives those posts extra link juice, as Squidoo is highly respected by the major search engines, as well as the good possibility of sending targeted traffic to those posts. We all know how important targeted traffic can be.

So, if you haven’t seen my lens yet why not go on over and have a look, if for no other reason than to see how handsome I am :laugh_tb:

So, go on over there, and if your feeling generous you can rate and fav it for me and I will do the same for one of your lenses. Just leave a link to your lens in the comment.

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  1. peter petterson

    Haven’t really got into that yet. I have joined uo to so many things on the net, but look for some benefit to me.

  2. BS Artist

    One of the benefits is the link juice and possible traffic. Apparently you can also earn some money from it but I haven’t looked into that yet.

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