Tony Abbott Gets Maternity Leave All Wrong

Just a little over a year ago Tony Abbott said that paid maternity leave would create Second Class Mothers, those that decided to stay at home to look after their children. I’m left wondering why Mr. Abbott has now changed his view saying that if he was to win the next election he would slug big business a 1.7% tax levy to pay for a six month maternity leave scheme.

It’s not at all surprising that Australia’s business groups reject his plans saying that it is unfair to expect them to pay for what is essentially a social policy. Honestly I tend to agree with them. They’ve already got to pay for payroll tax, leave loading as well as contributing to employees superannuation. You would think with the amount of companies moving their operation overseas because the cost of producing the same product in Australia is getting too expensive that Abbott would re-think his plan of adding another expense to those who employ Australians.

Let’s face it, competition is rough and we have to compete not only with the local market but with overseas markets as well. Adding unwarranted costs to our companies only make it that much harder to compete. Sure they can lift the price of goods to cover their costs but that in itself could price their goods out of the market and then the only other option for them would be to cut costs, meaning the slashing of jobs, or as a last resort closing up shop and going elsewhere, something that those in Port Lincoln are aware of now that John West is moving their cannery operation to Thailand.

If the Government want paid maternity then they should budget for it and not put another cost onto Australian Companies.

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    1. BS Artist

      Shit, I don’t believe it! We finally agree on something :laugh_tb:

  1. Mitch

    Well, this is an interesting issue, isn’t it? Over here we have the Family Leave Act, which doesn’t make companies pay anything extra for employees being off, but does guarantee them up to 3 months of time off and still be able to have a job. Most people will use a mix of vacation and sick time, both of which are accrued, to continue getting some kind of pay, and if they don’t have that then they still get the time off, but without pay.

    I think that’s fair enough. To force companies to have to pay extra is going a bit too far.
    .-= Mitch´s last blog ..When You Should And Shouldn’t Give Advice =-.

    1. BS Artist

      Your system makes a lot more sense. Personally I think he’s made a mistake and he can’t afford to do that if he wants to be our next leader. he certainly won’t have major business backing him.

      1. Mitch

        I agree; I’m sure your economy has suffered job losses like mine. It’s utter stupidity at this juncture.
        .-= Mitch´s last blog ..Be Ready For The Wrong Answer =-.

        1. BS Artist

          Nowhere near as much. The Government went on a wild spending spree to stimulate the economy but I reckon we’re going to be paying for it later.

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