Rudd’s Education Revolution A Bloody Disgrace

I know that after reading this post there will be some Labor supporters who will accuse me of being a Liberal who had nothing better to do than find fault with Labor. Come off it guys, is it my fault that they keep supplying me with ammunition to go target shooting? Besides, it’s not like I don’t publish articles when the Liberal party come up with bullshit, as can be seen from my Tony Abbott Gets Maternity Leave All Wrong post.

But this post isn’t about them, it’s about the mistakes the current Government is making. It’s been my experience that the Labor party loves to spend money and they have no control over it. Every time they get in power they put the country into a huge debt whcih the Liberals have to get us out of. Naturally that’s a painful experience for the populace and so the Liberals get kicked out and it starts all over again.

You may remember my post Kevin Rudd And Wayne Swan = Billion Dollar Debt where Swan tries to defend their position using the global recession as an excuse. When the world’s financial crisis came into being most Governments  panicked including ours. Instead of studying the situation properly they acted with a knee jerk reaction wasting millions of dollars. This can be seen in the first, and subsequent stimulus packages, where lack of planning saw them giving money to dead people, pets, people in jail and people overseas. How the hell was that supposed to stimulate the economy?

Let’s not forget the ‘insulation scheme’ fiasco, another of Labor’s attempts to stimulate the economy by stimulating the building trade. The trouble was they didn’t take the time to formulate the plan properly meaning that millions was wasted, but worse than that people’s lives were put at risk by shoddy workmanship. Even though there were warning bells the Government ignored them and it wasn’t until people started dying as a result that they reacted. Rudd punishes Garrett over the fiasco saying sorry, he seems to love that word, as if the makes it all OK.

The thing is that it actually is Rudd’s fault and he didn’t have a choice but to take the blame because he should have sacked Garret ages ago instead of protecting one of his ministers hoping that the whole thing will go away.

Enough of that, this post is about the latest fiasco which is to do with Labor’s so called education revolution. According to some the education fiasco is the cause of Labor’s lack of interest in monitoring the plan. They seem to just pull a plan out of thin air without any forethought of how to implement it or to check on the States to see that they’re going about it properly. Naturally this results in countless of millions of dollars being wasted, which seems to be the norm when Labor is holding the reins, or perhaps that should be noose around our necks.

Just one example of how the money has been wasted is the $2 million spent on a school hall at Wollongong that won’t even accommodate the students at the school.  Naturally the parents are furious at the waste of money and they want someone to be accountable.

Then there is the $250,000 hall for the remote Yulga Jinna Remote Community which was deemed a waste of money. They didn’t need a hall, what they needed was somewhere for the teachers to stay. Without proper accommodations it was extremely difficult in getting teachers to remain at the school. Does the government listen to the community, nope they’re more content in wasting money than in taking the time to spend it wisely.

What about the school that had one pupil but was given $250000 for a new library, shit, they’re even giving money to schools that are going to close down soon. If that isn’t a waste I don’t know what is. It seems that even shade costs money, but it’s not so much the shade as the fees structure in providing it. How can you put your trust in a government who can’t control how their money is spent. If a business was to do this they would have gone broke a long time ago, but the government seems to have a money tree that is forever blooming, that tree is called the Tax Payer.

This is just a few examples on how our money is being mismanaged and it has got to stop. I know there are many more examples and if you know of any others where the Governments BER (Building The Education Revolution) is being wasted please leave a comment with a link, if possible, to the relevant article.

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  1. peter petterson

    Don’t know too much about what is happening in OZ at present, because I’m too busy with what is happening here in NZ with a right wing government that is borrowing billions to run the country, and millions a day in interest. On top of that they are slashing costs, reducing money to health and education, forcing District Health Boards to cut their budgets and create misery for the future. So there isn’t too much money to waste.

    Peter my boy, Labor will be reelected this time because your opposition hasn’t the ability to win. Good Liberals like yourself will have to find ways to send Labor a message: waste not want not!

    I don’t like to see blatant waste either. I’m afraid we live in bad times, Pete, and good men need to come to the aid of the party!
    .-= peter petterson´s last blog ..Glasses aren’t so geeky after all – could be sexy… =-.

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