Once Again Labor Seems To Be Wasting Tax Payers Money

Although the facts that most Governments have know idea how to spend money wisely the Labor Government seems to be worse at it than most. Just today I got a lovely glossy nicely folded colour brochure with the bold words “Someone who’s working for us” printed on the front.

Upon opening it I found it was from the Labor candidate, Nick Champion but for the life of me I couldn’t work out why this unnecessary expense when we’ve just had the State elections not that long ago. Upon reading it I noticed Rudd’s name all over it and so it all became clear, they’ve started early, leading up to the Federal elections.

Sure it could be because I lean towards the Liberals, but I found a lot of it to be full of crap.  There was one section where it proclaimed; “Working with Kevin Rudd to build a better future for families.” It then goes on to say, “Here are just some of the achievements of the Rudd Government in the last two years.” OK, let’s have a look at those shall we?

Acting decisively to support jobs, tradespeople and small business during the Global recessiom.

Yeah, they did that really well didn’t they? This no doubt includes Rudd’s massive insulation roll out which was done without the proper planning causing the death of several people and many house fires. Now it’s going to cost the tax payer billions.

Record infrastructure investment including the largest schools building program ever.

Yeah this is probably referring to his bullshit Education Revolution. This was so poorly planned that not only did we over pay hundreds of thousands of dollars per school many of them didn’t even get the buildings they needed, instead they received buildings that were of no use to them.

Funding 1000 new nurse training places and a 35% increase in GP training to address a shortage of GPs

This was a good policy on there part so I’ll give them that.

Investing in new cancer research and treatment centres

Another good move on their part.

Supporting investment in solar and wind power to protect our environment for future generations.

Sorry, this type of electricity does nothing for the base load and only works when wind or sun exists, not to mention that wind power is very costly. I would suggest we take the bold move of going nuclear.

Abolishing WorkChoices and restoring fairness to the workplace

Not sure how accurate this is. While it seems that the workers may get a fairer deal it would only be at the cost of the employer and may actually speed up the rate of employers moving their operations overseas. Once that happens where’s the jobs coming from then?

Honestly Nick, rather than wasting tax payers money perhaps it would be better to get off your ass and mingle with the community. Find out what they need and work toward it even if it means going against your cronies.

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