Rudd’s Broken Promises Is Labor’s Downfall

I remember well not so long ago when Kevin Rudd won the election how he was the flavor of the month. The guy could do no wrong because the Australian public was so forgiving. But there is only so much even a tolerant Aussie can stand and it seems that good old Kevin has broken one promise too many. Come to think of it I can’t think of any promise that he has kept.

Probably the only good thing he did was when he said sorry for the stolen generation, but that’s about as far as that went because as far as I can tell he hasn’t done anything to put the plight of Aborigines to right. It seems that even though he promised to do a yearly report on the progress in closing the quality-of-life gap between Aborigines and other Australians he as failed to do so.

Federal Labor leader Kevin Rudd
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The fact is that Kevin and the Labor party have really turned out to be a dud. He’s so unpopular at the moment that there’s rumors his party want to replace him. Funny thing is that without Rudd they never would have won the election in the first place. That’s gratitude for you.

In case your wondering how long the list of broken promises is it’s huge. There’s even a site devoted to keeping track of their broken promises. Don’t be surprised if it’s offline when you go to check because he’s breaking them so fast they may be in the process of updating the site.

I found this cartoon that highlights some of the more popular promises, one that I hope you will enjoy.

The thing that one has to remember coming up to the next election is not just the broken promises but the fact that a lot of their policies, like the latest super tax on the mining companies, is doing the country more harm than good.

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