Rudd’s $600,000 Pension For Life Proof Politicians Are Jerks

I couldn’t believe it when I heard that Rudd would get a $600,000 pension for the rest of his life. How can that be? When any other Australian retires they’re lucky to get a pension. Imagine working all your life, busting your balls to make a buck all the while the Government is taking their cut to run the country. That’s cool you say because everyone has to contribute their bit right? And if you earn a little too much the Government will kindly tell you. “Sorry, you don’t deserve a pension because you’ve got too much in the kitty”.

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Not so the politicians, those guys over at Parliament House live by a different set of rules. Look at Rudd, he couldn’t even finish his full term as PM, actually getting kicked out by his own party, and he’s guaranteed a huge pension for life, even if he was to leave politics tomorrow at the ripe old age of 52! Shit we can’t get a pension until 65, and only if we don’t put too much away. Not Rudd and his political cronies, which includes the Liberal and other parties. Shit, does he even deserve a pension when his wife is worth somewhere around the $56 million mark?

OK, maybe that’s a little harsh. Perhaps all politicians are not the same. It seems Senator Steve Fielding wants to shit down Fat Pollie Payouts, but I can’t see anything coming of this unless Aussies make a stand.

From what I can see most politicians think they are doing it tough and are looking for a higher salary and more allowances, as if they haven’t got enough perks. Yep, why shouldn’t they get more money and fringe benefits while the rest of the Australian public is doing it tough?

If you’re wondering what some of the perks politicians are getting you may find this expose of some interest. So, you see in this world of ours there seems to be two sets of rules, one for the politicians and one for the rest of Australians, and you know what, that’s a whole load of bullshit!

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  1. BRM

    Wow, $600,000 per year? I’d understand if it was maybe a 1-time sum or $600,000 annualized over the next 20 years or something like that but per year? That’s a little bit ridiculous and definitely infuriating.

    1. BS Artist

      Yeah, and when you consider he doesn’t even need it because he’s married to a millionaire, that makes it even worse.

    2. joe28

      Until we all get out and vote and let these rip off artists know we’re not going to stand for this…they will continue like the greedy scum they are

      1. BS Artist

        They are there because we put them there. They do what they do because we allow them to do so. We’ve only ourselves to blame

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