FaceBook Lottery Team Email Is A SCAM!

Man, these assholes are starting to get tricky. Usually you get an email that tries and sells you some cock and bull story about how you won some money and all you need to do is to provide some simple information in order to collect the cash. This is called phishing and is all about ‘fishing’ for your personal  information so that they can use it for their own evil purposes.

Well the email that I received today is different in that it doesn’t ask for that information directly. It still tells me that I won the lottery, one that Facebook is running. Using a well known company is a standard procedure that they use to legitimize themselves. As you can see from the copy of the email I posted below it sends you to a website which embellishes on the email trying to suck you in even further. Check out the email.

Facebook Lottery Team
30 St Vincent Place,
Glasgow, G1 2HL,
United Kingdom.
Facebook has selected you as one (1) of (8) winners in this year’s
Face-book online splash promo. For further instructions and directives on how to receive your cash prize,
Log on to your award notification website.
fill the online email verification form on the “Contact Us” page and submit.
Mr. David Buckley
Facebook Award Promo Team


Although this is obvious bullshit it will fool the uninitiated, those new to the web and to Facebook, but I assure you it is BULLSHIT!. Whatever you do, do not hit the email link as all this will do is show the scam artists that they have hit on an legitimate email address thereby opening up the floodgates to your inbox.
Please pass on this link to all your friends to warn them about this latest scam.
One thing to remember is that no-one is going to send you money from a lottery you never entered.
Speaking of lotteries, Buy Lottery Tickets Online allows you to buy your lottery tickets online from any of the major lotteries in the world.

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  1. Alexander

    Yeah, have to agree they are getting worse. Even if it wasn’t a scam perhaps, I myself got a “Facebook Scam” recently. This one was a bit trickier coming from “Facebook” or so they say. Ofcourse checking the mail and you get “facebookmail” and it’s easy to tell it’s a scam.

    This time I had a notification that said I haven’t been on facebook in a while and should login to check my mails. Paying attention I see it goes to a pharmacy website.

    So yeah, one gotta pay attention to what ya get in your mailbox.

    1. BS Artist

      This one is trickier in that it goes to a website they’ve designed to try and fool people. It’s obviously meant to solicit information from them and it would fool the unwary which is why I posted it.

    2. Boobas78

      They certainly will try anything. Now they are using the name of fb creator Mark Zuckerberg himself..Here below is a scam i just recived via my fb messages….Its quite believing til it gets to the part where they dont want you to tell anyone and you have to reply via your personal email account….

      Facebook®International Mega-Jackpot
      Promotion/Claims Department
      440 The Strand London, WC2R0QS
      England, United Kingdom

      Winning Number: FB/575061725
      Batch No: FB/8056490902
      Ref No. FB/UK/2011

      Dear Winner,

      This is to inform you that you have won a prize money of Three hundred thousand dollars {$300,000.00 USD} on the on
      going Facebook Lottery Jackpot 2011.

      All participant were selected through a computer random integrated system drawn in 27 million E-mail address on facebook.com.

      This Program is promoted and sponsored by a conglomerate of some multinational companies as part of their social responsibility to the citizens in the Aspect that impacts peoples lifestyle worldwide.

      For more information Please contact my personnel and make sure you don’t send the mail directly from facebook, send from your personal e-mail address so as to warrant him to reply to your message.
      Name: Gary Taylor
      Email: facebooklttr@gmail.com

      Kindly send the following information to him

      FULL NAME : ……………………………………

      ADDRESS : ……………………………………..

      CITY : ……………………………………………

      STATE: …………………………………………..

      POSTAL CODE: ………………………………………

      PHONE NUMBER(S) : …………………………..

      OCCUPATION: …………………………………..

      GENDER : …………………………………………

      AGE : ………………………………………………

      AMOUNT WON : ………………………………….

      For security reasons and due to the mix-up of some numbers and names, we ask that you keep this notification strictly from public notice until your claim has been processed and your money remitted. This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming or unscrupulous acts by non-participants of this program.

      Note, all winnings MUST be claimed before the end of this program; otherwise all funds will be returned as Unclaimed and eventually donated to charity organizations.


      Mark Zuckerberg

      Please note that winners are chosen all over the world and no matter where you live, your winnings will get to you and that is the more reason why our facebook lottery office is located in the United Kingdom. Contact your claim agent now via email address given. CONGRATULATIONS ONCE AGAIN OUR LUCKY WINNER.

      1. BS Artist

        I can’t believe their using a gmail account. :wallbash_tb:

        1. Wendy Ingham

          I too have received this exact same email. I found it hard to believe that this forum was the only site that I could find any information about this scam.

          I will be telling everyone that I know about this brave new scam. I knw it was ‘BS’ as soon as I read it but can see how some maybe tricked.

          Thank you for you post, you confirmed my suspicions.

        2. pam

          i also got that email but i answered it and filled in the form but when they asked for money to pay for the courier to deliver the cheque i told them i didnt want the prize. they are now wanting me to fill out a disclaimer form what should i do and how can i stop the spams iv started receiving

          1. BS Artist

            Best thing to do now is to ignore them Pam. The whole thing was a scam anyway. Don’t answer any more emails from them.

          2. pam

            thanx iv been ignoring them anyway. got spam fighter but cant find one that stops spam in yahoo mail . any ideas

          3. BS Artist

            I use the one mentioned in this post but I’m not sure if it will work with yahoo mail, unless you incorporate it into outlook express.

      2. Sarah

        LOL!!! i too recieved this email this morning from’Mark Winners…..lol even the name screams SCAM!!! :nono_tb: :doh_tb: hehe gave me a good laugh…..but oh to be lucky to really win tha money

        1. BS Artist

          That will never happen. It’s like my dad always told me, if you want money you have to work for it.

  2. Brian D. Hawkins

    Now that’s a load of bullshit! I haven’t seen that one yet Sire. I’m tempted to go to the link to see what info they are trying to steal but it might contain a trojan or something.

    1. BS Artist

      Give it time Brian, I’ve only just got it so I would say it’s probably just started the rounds.

      I did visit the link, see what I go through to get the right information lol, and it’s seems safe enough, as in it didn’t trigger any alarms from AVG, I think it’s main aim is to garner information by fooling people into filling the contact form.

  3. Alex

    Did Facebook ever had a lottery ? Who would believe this ?
    Anyway I think that people who trust this kind of email deserve what they have coming.
    I know a scam about link building, when some company would send you an email and try to use your website to host their links in exchange of some payment that will never come, I had a couple of email but I think I deleted them.
    The emails came from [randomnamehere]@topspot-promotions.net.
    Maybe you want to cover that too 😉

    1. BS Artist

      I’ve had this email before too Alex, but I won’t host a link until after I’ve been paid.

      I think it’s a little harsh to say the people that fall for this stuff deserve it, no innocent deserves to be ripped off.

  4. Alexa Stone

    I haven’t received this in my Facebook, but always getting same thing in my emails. I’m glad that it is not my own personal email address. That won’t really piss me off most of the time.

  5. maria angeles

    I recieved an email recently from MATT HARRY claiming an employee of facebook fr FACEBOOK Award Promo Team that I won 900,000.00 as 1 of the 15 winners i have to contact Mr.TODD MEGSON as online award coordinator and aske me to contact Mr Mahmoud lai Alabi(contact officer) in INtercontinental Bank in LONDON UK and submit the winning cert and contact Mr.M.lai Alabi for further instruction to claim the fund.Now that I gave my address and tel no.,after i read a lot of scams ,what can i do now,already in my inbox now,pls help.

    1. BS Artist

      Whatever you do you must not respond to any further requests that they may send you, especially if they ask for any banking details.

  6. karen

    Check this one out – I just today received a FACEBOOK LOTTERY “Congratulations” $10,000,000 winner Email, well HA-HA, it didn’t come to the email that i use for facebook, it came to my work email. I wrote down the reply to email (colby williams /funds officer) instead of clicking on it, and from my “Lottery Winning” email, I replied with this, “I don’t use my work email for Facebook so what the #%&! ? Oh, you want to know my occupation? Ok, well I’m a massage therapist, and I guess this is one “Happy Ending” that you all WON’T be getting!!! <:-)

    1. BS Artist

      I hope you didn’t use your work email for that reply because that may open up the floodgates for spam.

  7. dorothy

    Recieved my email about how I Won $5,000,000 on 3/15/12in the f/b lottery. Didn’t know they had one. Figured it was a scam. But boy could I use that money.It’s funny how no one other than Americans have posted on this website.Are Americans the gulible people in this crazy world.

    1. BS Artist

      How do you know that only Americans have taken part in this post?

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