Is Market Samurai Bullshit Or Is It The Real Deal?

Now before anybody starts getting upset I’m not saying that Market Samurai is bullshit at all. I’m merely stating a question that many prospective buyers might be asking before they hand over their hard earned money.

Although I was able to take Market Samurai for a trial run by trying the free version I decided to purchase it outright as I could see the sense in the 35% saving by buying it before the trial run out. This was a saving of $52 bringing the cost down to $97.

Before doing so I sent a Tweet out to my followers to see if anyone was using it and what they thought of it. It got a 100% approval rate, which I thought was pretty phenomenal.

There was another reason for purchasing it though, something one of my Twitter pals mentioned, that only members were allowed to become affiliates and being an affiliate brought a whole lot of income all on it’s own. This sounds completely reasonable as I’ve made more money on affiliates I’ve tried and believed in than in any other affiliates I’ve been promoting.

I decided I would get started promoting the trial version of Market Samurai because I felt once people gave it a run and saw what it could do they couldn’t help but buy it so they could promote if for themselves.

So, is Market Samurai bullshit? Well, until I’ve tested it out, which could take awhile as I’m flat chat at the moment, I can’t give you an answer, but watch this space as I will being doing updates whenever I can. I can say one thing though, these guys are professionals and I can tell that by the quality of their site, the amount of information¬† they have on keyword research and marketing and by the amount of support that is available. You don’t get this by those backyard ripoff merchants.

Try Market Samurai now for free!

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  1. Redflava

    I checked out the Market Samurai website and read the sales pitch, on one hand everything I read made sense and the software is interesting, it looks like it could genuinely help, but at the same time I have a feeling they are trying to convince people a little too much, and maybe most of the services it provides I could do myself except it would just take me longer obviously.

    Time is money but I’m also interested in how many people using it made their money back from the success they got and how many websites failed even when using it.

    But you’re right, they do seem very professional, everything except the samurai head logo, which doesn’t look too great imo.

    1. BS Artist

      Hi Redflava, naturally they want to convince people to buy their product, but what I see isn’t that they are trying to oversell their product, rather that they are confident in it.

      Anyway, it’s always better to see what others think of the product to gauge what it’s really worth. Check out some of the comments in this post. None of them were solicited and as you will see they’re all pretty impressed with it.

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