You Really Need To Protect Your Name! What’s Online Can Harm You

As wonderful as the Internet is it is also full of ways where people can rip you off. As you well know I continually post articles of any scams I come across just to warn others so that they don’t get caught in scammers evil web of deceit and exploitation.

Did you know though, that a lot of the time you could be giving them the ammunition so that they can target you? Scammers aside, did you know that employers actually go online to check out job applicants? Well they do and I’ve read that over 70% of job applicants are rejected because of information that is readily available about them online.

This problem is so widespread as can be seen from this video where The Wall Street Journal’s Ben Worthen explains why ReputationDefender and other privacy-oriented companies have become popular targets for venture capital firms.

You really need to protect yourself by restricting what people can see online. One product that can do this for you is! With Reputation Defender you’ll be able to manage your reputation & privacy for your life, career, family and business! This is what it can do for you.

  • Find out everything about you online. We perform a custom search the web, including over 40 of the biggest social networking sites, for every reference to you.
  • Automatically monitors the web for additional references to you and keeps you informed via a simple monthly report.

Can you afford not to protect your reputation?

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  1. peter petterson

    Never give your full name online: I’d write down Peter X Petterson rather than what it really is,

    You can Google your name to find out what recorded too.

    You provide a good service too, Sire. When are you standing for the South Australia parliament as well?



    1. BS Artist

      Thanks Pete, and I would join the parliament but they would probably bump me off because I’m too bloody honest. That or they would corrupt the hell out of me.

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