Oprah Is In Australia And Aussies Going Hysterical

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This post is not about bagging Oprah, not at all, I believe Oprah to be be a remarkable woman, one who has done a lot of good for the world. I even admit to watching the Oprah Show and to being thoroughly entertained by it. Still, having said that I reckon all they hype over her being here is being carried a little too far.

Yes, she is a great woman! Yes, she is going to be a great ambassador to this country, as are the three hundred or so guests she has brought with her. Yes, it’s going to be great for the country, but when you sit back and think about it, she is just a human being like the rest of us!

There is no need for people to go hysterical as she waves to the crowds while she get’s driven by. It’s almost as bad as when the Beatles came here all those years ago. I even heard one person describing her as bigger than Jesus! Bigger than Jesus, really? Can she walk on water, turn water to wine, raise the dead or cure leprosy? Of course the answer is no so how can such a stupid comparison be made.

Come on you Aussies, we’re on public display. Don’t show the world all this emotional tripe just because we get a visit from a woman called Oprah.

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  1. Mitch

    Man, you’ve been “Oprah-ized”! lol It must have hit you hard, because you made two errors in your first paragraph and misspelled “Beatles”! lol

    Actually, Oprah gets the same treatment in many places here when she visits new cities as well, so just let it go and glory in all the great publicity Australia’s getting. I wish I were there.

    1. Sire

      Man, I’m shocked how many errors I let slip by, I must have been really pissed off when I wrote this 😉

      Still, it’s only the women getting carried away, at least the blokes have more sense.

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