Beware Scam Email From Barclays Bank

Here’s one for you that I just got today. It’s an email from some sheila from Barclays Bank PLC claiming “Wrong transfer of your US$1,200,000.00 funds to Australia.” Shit, that the first time I’ve even heard that I had  over a million dollars and if I did have it why would I transfer it to Australia when I’m already living here?

There is so much wrong with this email, grammar included, that one has to wonder if anyone would actually fall for what is so obviously a scam.

Here, read it for yourself.

Barclays Bank PLC
2 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf
London, E14 5RB -United Kingdom

Ref No: BC/AUD-05IC

Dear Sir,

RE: Wrong transfer of your US$1,200,000.00 funds to Australia.

We wish to us this medium to inform you that following the ongoing review
of all unclaimed and delayed funds, your payment file was forwarded to
this bank for immediate payment of our long delayed funds starting with a
first installment transfer of US$1,200,000.00 to your bank account.

The Audit report shows that you have been going through hard times by
paying a lot of money to some dubious officials for the release of your
We therefore advice that you stop further communication with any
correspondence outside this office since you have satisfied all funds
transfer requirements and do not have to pay any fee or charges for the
release of your funds.

However, we are surprised to receive another application this morning from
your representative, MR.ROBERT MUELLER.

Could you please reconfirm immediately, your relationship with MR.ROBERT
MUELLER with two others, who claim to be your partners.

Please confirm if he is your business partner; and that the Account
Number:034582004,BSB: 083337;National Australia Bank, is your new bank
account information to receive your US$1,200,000.00 and that you were
recently involved in an auto accident and cannot walk right now.

It has become necessary to verify directly from you, the original
beneficiary, if you authorized such changes in your beneficiary bank
information before granting their request to avoid wrong transfer of your

Kindly get in touch with us ASAP by email with your TELEPHONE NUMBER, so
that we can proceed with the transfer of your US$1,200,000.00 to your
correct bank account as scheduled.

To protect the confidentiality of your information, send your TELEPHONE
NUMBER directly to my personal e-mail: edited out!

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Sandra R. Penfold
Barclays Bank UK.

Do you see what I mean. It’s pure unadulterated bullshit. The only way anyone would actually believe this was if there actually was a transfer of a large amount of money and if they actually knew someone called ROBERT MUELLER who was acting on their behalf. Man this stuff is so far off the mark. Still, there may be someone out there who thinks they may get hold of some money dishonestly, and if that’s the case you deserve everything you get.

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  1. Lungu Dumitru

    I got this message below.The fact that I have not found another way to send the message to the bank, send it to you and expect you to tell me if the message is true or false.

    Department of Online Transfer Barclays Bank of England
    Date: 02/04/2011

    ATTN: Dumitru Lungu,
    Welcome to Barclays Bank of England (BB) . Mr. Ian Walter from UK National Lottery Office in United Kingdom contacted us regarding your winning fund of one million five hundred thousand Great British Pounds Sterling. The cheque has been deposited directly to us on behalf of the Uknl Board and we are ready to activate/transfer to your local bank there in your country.

    This state that Mr. Paul Smith, Officer in charge for Foreign transfer and conversion, from Barclays Bank, will see you through the entire process of transfer and conversion, as designated to him, he would be the one whom your funds will be handed over to, to enable smooth mobilization of the funds. So you are requested to follow his instruction to enable quick and easy transfer of the funds into your designated bank.

    We have required certain details from you for verification and authentication and we want your identification documents, You are to send the below:

    • NAME:
    • PAN CARD.

    Copy and paste the url below on your browser and fill the form completely making sure all information provided are to the best of your knowledge correct.

    NOTE: No amount will be deducted from your entire remitted fund, due to the strict policy laid down by the transferring bank to effect the entire fund to your concerned bank in full. Immediately the above document is received for identification purpose, we will commence with the transfer immediately, Please do avoid delay and respond back immediately.

    Thanks for banking with us.

    Yours Faithfully,
    Mr. Paul Smith
    Fund Transfer Officer
    Barclays Bank Plc
    England .

    NOTICE: The content of this email is confidential and is intended only for the named addressee. If you are not the named addressee, please notify us immediately and destroy all electronic and hard copies of this message. Please note that email correspondence with Barclays Bank employee is not private and may be monitored, read, stored and recorded by other employees for the purpose of monitoring compliance with our Email and Internet Policy.
    All communications with us may be monitored/recorded to improve the quality of our service and for your protection and security.

    1. BS Artist

      It’s obviously false. The internet address is all wrong, check the spelling, and that page was made to look like the real one just to trick people into believing it is the real deal. Ignore the email.

  2. Ned Carey

    The stupidest part of this scan is anyone dumb enough to fall for it isn’t likely to have any money in their account anyway.

    1. BS Artist

      Hey Ned, that’s probably true, but then again they don’t have to have a lot of money for these scammers to be interested in them.

      Thanks for dropping in on my BS blog :thumbup_tb:

  3. Damian

    This is a little late compared to the previous comments dated but I just received the following email over the weekend myself:

    Good Day,

    Can you confirm if you are still using this email address? There is an urgent information I have for you. My Name is Mr. Bernard Baako, I work with Barclays Bank. I do not know if I am talking to the right person, But I will like you to confirm if you are the owner of this email ID.

    Already I have your name and details in our file in the office, all I want is a confirmation from you that I am communicating with the right owner of this email.

    I will furnish you with the information that I have for you, When I am convinced I am talking to the right person.

    I am taking this preventive measure because I do not want to talk to the wrong person because of the sensitivity of the information regarding the issue.

    Looking forward to your response.

    Bernard Baako


    Are they serious?
    Why would I divulge who I am when I don’t even know who they are. They could have had at least
    gave me my first initial and last name. Not that it would have helped much. LOL!
    I started to respond with a ‘fake’ name just to see where they were going with this scam, but I rather not even entertain the idea.
    If anyone else has received this email over the weekend please share.
    Thank You

    1. BS Artist

      Yeah, makes you wonder doesn’t it Damian. That was a smart decision not replying to the email :wink_ee:

  4. Scott B

    I received the following one just this morning!

    Dear Winner,

    This is to inform you of the release of our 2012 Barclays Bank AWARD PROMO which e-mail addresses are picked randomly by software powered by the Internet Service Provider. Twenty thousand email addresses were selected and you are lucky to be among them, therefore making you one of our winners for the sum of ($2,500,000.00 USD) in form of Automated Teller Machine System(A.T.M) you are to contact our Financial Controller with the information below for clearance and payment

    Name: Mr. Fredrick Williams
    Email: (Email edited)

    Mrs.Rosemary Hartley
    On-line Coordinator
    Barclays Bank AWARD PROMO 2012.

    At least everything is spelled right!

    1. BS Artist

      Yep, that’s a whole lot of BS for sure, glad you weren’t sucked in by it.

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