Its Time To Tell Politicians We Won’t Stand For Them Selling Australia Short

No bullshit, I sometimes wonder about the people running this country of ours. What really pisses me off is that the opposition is just as quiet about the latest fiasco to hit Aussie shores. I’m referring to the foreign land grab where foreign investors are being allowed to buy up prime agricultural land and water rights without anyone monitoring what is going on. No-one knows how much has been sold or is still being sold and no-one seems to care.
If this goes unchecked it could turn out to be a catastrophe! You don’t believe me? Then answer me this; What are the most important things that are required to sustain life? The obvious answer is food and water, so by selling off our prime agricultural land and water rights we may as well hand our country over to the foreigners. I’m not kidding, by giving them our most prized possession we are putting our heads on the chopping block. Once they control enough farmland and water they don’t have to invade Australia to take control, they just have to stop the food and water supply until we capitulate.

OK, that may be a little on the extreme side but it’s always a possibility were we to lose control of our land. Our farmers are already struggling because of the cheaper imports that are flooding our markets. Many are going broke meaning less produce being grown causing higher prices leading to cheaper imports.

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We could help our farmers if everyone stopped buying foreign produce, but this is bloody impossible because of our stupid labelling laws, laws which Nick Xenophon, in his Senate Debate, calls a joke.

So, what are we going to do about it? We have to call our local MP’s telling them that this bullshit just isn’t on and that we want it to stop. These dumb ass politicians may be running the country but they seem to forget that they work for us and if they don’t do what we want, and we want what is best for our beautiful country, then we will kick them out.

There is one other thing you can do and that is to visit Leon Byner‘s Don’t Sell Australia Short FaceBook fan page. Go there, leave a comment and like it. To date it has 4371 likes and it can do with a lot more as Leon will be presenting this to the politicians to show them how we feel about this matter.


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