Politicians Latest Pay Rise Is Nothing But A Pile Of Bullshit

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I know that some politician work very hard and I know that some of them could earn more working for some big company or other but this lates wage increase their going to get is nothing more but a slap in every working Aussies face! Shit, it was only a few months ago when the wankers got their last pay rise!

I found the article in the Herald Sun very interesting as the only ones saying they don’t need it and don’t want it are independent Senator Nick Xenophon and Democratic Labor Party (DLP) Senator John Madigan. Not even a peep from the two major parties. I must say I am really disappointed in the Liberals. They’re being offered all this ammunition by Labor which they could use to secure the next election but they’re choosing not to do anything with it.

I was shooting the breeze with a couple of mates and they say that Julia bloody Gillard deserves it because she’s running the country and I told them bullshit. So I get my trusty HTC Smart Phone out and Google Presidents Obama’s wage. I found an article in the New York Times that told me exactly what the president of the USA gets.

That is, if a $400,000-a-year salary, a $50,000 expense account and a $19,000 entertainment budget qualifies as not much.

That was in reply to something Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, who just happens to be running in the next election, said in reference to Obama’s salary. The impression that I got from that was that the author of the article thought it was a bit much. So let’s look at what Julia Gillard is earning. I got this from the above Herald Sun article.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s salary increases by $14,430 to $495,430.

The PM is earning $129,000 – almost $2500 a week – more than she did a year ago.

That’s nearly $30,000 more than the US President’s Salary, expense account and entertainment budget! And it also does not include any of the other perks she has like free travel and the like. Considering that hard working Aussies are being denied pay rises and are told to tighten their belts I think it’s only fair that our politicians do the same.

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  1. Ariana Lemarr

    I completely agree with you. I do not know for what they are being paid so much. Even here they are given a grand and a luxurious house and lot of privileges. If just 5 percent of their salary is used in betterment of poor we can get rid of 50 percent poverty.

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