How To Win The Oz Lotto $100 Million Jackpot?

I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who would love the answer to that question but to tell you the truth there is really only one way and that is to buy a ticket. The question is where to go to buy your ticket. While most people go to their local agent, sometimes lining up for ages, especially during times of huge jackpots like Tuesday’s Oz Lotto’s $100 million, more and more are getting their tickets online. I know I do and the main reason for doing so is twofold. The first is because I don’t have to line up and fight the crowds because I do it from the comfort of my lounge chair. The other reason is security. Because I purchase my ticket online I no longer have to worry about losing the tickets. Heck,I don’t even have to check it as I get notified if I win. Even so I go online to check it and even that is a breeze as the winning numbers are highlighted on all my tickets making it easy to check and removing the doubt of having thrown out a possible winning ticket.

For those of you who are looking for a programme that will help you to pick the winning numbers I did do a post on it called Winning The Lottery Is All About The Numbers. There is even a review of a product that proclaims to show you how to pick the winning lottery numbers.

I actually use Oz Lotteries to buy my lottery tickets online and I always thought that all Aussies could use them. That was until members of my lottery site who live in Queensland told me they were somehow excluded. They feel that excluding people from Queensland from buying lottery tickets online is total bullshit and I happen to agree with them. That’s why I did a whole lot of research to find other reliable online lottery agents that will allow them to purchase Australian lottery tickets online. I wrote all about it on Buy Lottery Tickets Online. I’ve personally joined all the sites in that post and except for Wintrillions I have tested and have had no problems with them. I’ve only just joined Wintrillions and will give them the once over as soon as I can.

The added bonus of joining these other sites is that it opens the doors to all the world’s major lotteries. You can check out my posts to see how I’ve faired with buying tickets from lotteries such as US Powerball, Euro Millions, US Megamillions and more.

Whatever you don’t don’t forget to get your Oz Lotto ticket for the lottery that will stop the nation.


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