Will Irish Lotto Bet Give Forth The Ol’ Luck Of The Irish

One has to wonder if you need to get hold of a leprechaun these days to get a little luck or perhaps you’d be better off trying to find the elusive four leaf clover. Heaven knows rubbing that lucky rabbit’s foot hasn’t been doing any good. Then again, just how lucky have the Irish really been, or did the term Luck Of The Irish have more to do with the fortune of those who emigrated to America?+Ireland, just like any other country in the world, runs it’s own lottery and just like any lottery in the world it’s not an easy task to win it. Heck, you probably have more chance of catching one of “The Little People” and getting them to tell you where they hid their pot of gold than winning anything but one of the minor prizes. Even if you did win one of the minor prizes you normally have to share it with heaps of others making the prize hardly worthwhile.This is why I found William Hills irish lotto bet so intriguing. Rather than buying a lottery ticket and hoping for the best, you can place a wager on numbers of your choice and the amount you win is dependent on how much you wager and whether or not your number comes up. Naturally the numbers are relevant to the prevailing lottery draw of your choice. The amount you win depends on your stake as well as the amount of numbers you choose to wager on. The table below shows you what you would win depending on how many numbers you choose to place a wager on.

  • Choose 1 number(s), get 1 correct 6 x Stake
  • Choose 2 number(s), get 2 correct 53 x Stake
  • Choose 3 number(s), get 3 correct 576 x Stake
  • Choose 4 number(s), get 4 correct 6501 x Stake
  • Choose 5 number(s), get 5 correct 100001 x Stake

As you can see it is a pretty unique concept and there are a lot of people who love to try their luck playing William Hill’s lottery venue. Of course the guys at William Hill prefer all their members to gamble responsibly because anything else would provide a negative experience of their betting venue.


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