Can We Trust Gillard Enough To Vote Her In?

With the federal elections looming people are asking themselves whether or not we can trust Julia Gillard enough to give her another term in Government? There is only one way to answer this and that is to look at past performance. But before we get to that let’s take a look at how she became our current leader. She sure wasn’t voted in. Nope, that was Kevin Rudd, who was ditched unceremoniously when Labor thought he was a virtual thorn in their side. I wrote about it a post aptly named Julia Gillard Steps Over The Corpse Of Kevin Rudd where, after denying she would ever do it and that Kevin had her support, she knifed Kevin Rudd in the back and gained leadership. You could almost say she got the role with the lie, her first of many.

Another of her big lies was the one before running her first election where she said she would never introduce a carbon tax. Yeah, right! I wrote about the carbon tax in another post titled Can We Believe Julia Gillard’s Carbon Tax Scheme? It took ages for her to admit to this lie but when she finally does it clarified with another lie.

Has Julia Gillard Lie

I remember in a discussion I had with a Labor die hard about Julia Gillard’s lies that he qualified it by saying that so what, Howard Lied as well. Now while I know that most politicians will lie or stretch the truth I asked him to qualify that statement. He said Howard lied when he said that he would never introduce the GST. I said, yeah sure but there was a difference between the two. Julia Gillard said that she would not introduce the carbon tax and then as soon as she won it she introduced it. With Howard, even though he said he wouldn’t introduce it circumstances changed and rather than just introduce it, which is what Gillard did, he used it as a platform. When people voted for Howard they knew they were going to get the GST. It turns out the GST was a good thing that helped, amongst other things, to put money into Government coffers. So much so that they had saved millions. Millions that this government has blown. They’re actually living so far beyond their means that whilst they inherited a budget that was in the black we’re now in so much debt that it’s not funny.

Debt! That’s another thing entirely, but we’re talking about lies. There are actually so many lies one wonders which one to focus on. Maybe the one about Roxan giving up the position she apparently coveted for so long? But that one is hardly worth mentioning right? Heck, some of her lies are even posted on YouTube.

In truth, it doesn’t really matter how many lies Julia has told. What matters is that it has been proven she has lied in the past, like the one told way back in the 1995.

Lies aside, the main reason I personally would not vote for her this time around is because she is a Union puppet. The only reason she is still leading he party is because her union buddies haven’t found someone they can control to replace her. Having the union control how the country is run is something we should all be afraid of.

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