Winning The Lottery Is Not Bullshit

Why Winning The Lottery Is Not Bullshit

I’ve done several posts about those bullshit lotteries, you know the ones. The ones you get in you inbox telling you that you’ve won the lottery when you’ve never even bought a lottery ticket. What is bullshit is expecting to win the lottery when you don’t actually go out and buy a ticket. Heck, everyone knows you have to be in it to win it, right?

Anyway, I’ve started a new blog called Get Online Lottery which amongst other things lists the best place to get lottery tickets online. I’m a member of all the sites listed on that blog and so I can vouch for them. I’ve even listed one of the best Online Betting sites that I’ve ever come across. It’s called William Hill and the bricks and mortar part of it has been around for years. They have now brought all their experience online so that all those who love going online can enjoy their services.

There are  lot of advantages of buying your tickets online, the best one being you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to get your tickets. This is especially true when the lottery jackpots to a huge amount and you have to line up for heaps in order to buy your ticket. Now, that is really a load of bullshit. 😉

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  1. Troy S.

    So many people dream of winning the lottery don’t they? Wow. Can you imagine winning the lottery. As I type this it is $70M in California this weekend. So figure for sake of argument half goes to taxes and such so that is still $35M. Less than Mark Wahlberg makes but still.

    1. BS Artist

      Yep. Isn’t it true though that in the States you can opt to take the winnings in installments thereby paying a lot less in taxes?

      Oh, and welcome to my Load of BS site.

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