Kevin Rudd As Prime Minister? Now That IS Bullshit

Come on guys. You can’t honestly want him as your Prime Minister again can you? He’s why we’re in the state that we are in at the moment. In debt up to our eyeballs! He’s also why the illegal immigrants situation is out of control and why so many are losing their lives in their efforts to get here. Shit, his own party didn’t like or want him, that’s why they kicked him out and put Gillard in his place. The man that we Aussies voted in. Yep, we voted Kevin 07 in not Gillard. I consider that a slap in the face.

Then when they saw that Gillard turned out to be a thorn in their side, what did they do? They put him back in the reins again. Hang on a sec, we voted Julia Gillard in didn’t we. Seems to me we’re the one who should vote her out, not the labor party. You have to admit that is bullshit. That they can decide who runs the country without even asking for our opinion. And why did they pick Rudd? Because he’s good at using his snake oil charm to win over the populace.

That he can win people over with his fake smiles and stupid sayings is unbelievable. Heck, he’s even popular with the social media. Just check out the inane comments when he Tweets his stupid shaving accident.

Rudd or Abbott


I don’t know about you but I want a PM who has more to say and do than post inane crap using Social media. What scares me is that there are so many people who would vote for him. After all the bullshit he’s caused, so much that we’re drowning in his mistakes. The problem with Rudd is that it’s more about him and his popularity than it is about doing what is right for Australia.

He promises that if we were stupid enough to vote him in he will put us in a surplus in 3 years! Shit, we were in a surplus when Labor took over and we’ve gone downhill ever since. I’ve lost count of all the times they promised a surplus in the last 6 years and instead we’ve gone deeper and deeper into debt!

The problem with Rudd is he doesn’t think. He doesn’t even consult his minions he just makes policy on the fly. Like the Fringe Benefits Tax on cars. It didn’t even occur to him that such a move would sign the death nell for our struggling car industry. How many people would lose their jobs then? Shit, that would have the complete opposite result of what they were looking for.

People I’ve talked to say they don’t like Tony Abbott. Why, because he’s not as good a spin doctor as Rudd is? Is it because he isn’t as smooth a talker as Rudd is? Quite honestly I think he deserves a chance. Labor has had the last 6 years of showing us how inept they are. I think the Liberals need a go to see if they can pull us out of the mire yet once again.

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